Maidstone Funeral Directors


Maidstone, the county town of Kent, is home to 18 funeral directors. These professionals are there to help bereaved families with burial or cremation arrangements and give their loved ones the appropriate religious or secular funeral service.

Maidstone comprises a mostly Christian population with almost three-quarters of residents practising this faith. There are also small Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jewish communities. Many people in Maidstone declare no religion, but whatever type of funeral you require, funeral directors in Maidstone will meet your needs.

The main Anglican Churches are St Martin’s on Northumberland Road to the north of the town centre and St Luke’s on St Luke’s Road to the south. The main Catholic church is St Francis on Week Street. There is a mosque on Mote Road, but those of other faiths may have to travel further afield for a suitable place of worship.

Maidstone Borough Council runs the main crematorium, which is Vinters Park Crematorium on Bearsted Road. The main cemetery holding burials between Monday and Friday is Maidstone Cemetery on Sutton Road. Funeral directors in Maidstone will be able to coordinate your funeral arrangements at either of these locations and provide an excellent service.

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