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Frequently Asked Questions

How many funeral directors are there in the UK?

There are 5,518 funeral directors in the United Kingdom. Type in any UK city, town or postcode to find a funeral director in your area on Funeral Guide’s comprehensive listings.

How many crematoriums are there in the UK?

There are 303 crematoriums in the UK, with 254 in England, 17 in Wales, 31 in Scotland and 1 in Northern Ireland.

What is the average cremation cost in the UK?

The average cost of cremation in the UK is £854. This covers the cost of a standard week-day time slot for an adult resident and does not include doctors' fees or optional extras, such as live streaming a service online.

How do I find a good funeral director?

Comparing funeral directors and reading reviews of their services can be very helpful, but it is still a good idea to discuss your options in person. Most good funeral directors will be happy to discuss your options at their local branch or even come to you.

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How do you get help with paying for a funeral?

If the cost of a funeral is not covered by a prepaid funeral plan, or the estate of the person who has died, you may be able to get financial help from the government’s Bereavement Support Payment, or from War Disablement Pensions, charitable funds or budgeting loans.

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What is a funeral director responsible for?

A funeral director is responsible for caring for your loved one after they have died, from the moment they leave the hospital until they have been cremated or buried. They will be able to help you to arrange the funeral, from choosing a venue to picking the right flowers. It is important that you choose the best funeral director, which is why Funeral Guide is here to help.

What does a funeral director actually do?

A funeral director is a professional who can assist you in caring for your loved one after they have died, and help to arrange the funeral service. More specifically, this can include things like embalming and dressing the body before the funeral, and liaising with other service providers such as the crematoria and memorial masons. They can also assist you with the legal paperwork that must be completed after a death occurs.

What are funeral directors called?

Funeral directors are often known as undertakers, although the term is less used these days. In America funeral directors are sometimes called morticians, although technically a mortician is someone who prepares a body for embalming, viewing and burial - a funeral director also does this, but they are also involved in every other aspect of the funeral arrangement.

How long does a meeting with a funeral director take?

Your first meeting with a funeral director will typically take around 2 hours. The meeting can be done either in person or over the phone - many funeral directors will visit your house if you’d prefer this. At this meeting, you’ll be asked about where you want the funeral to take place, whether you want a burial or cremation, song or hymn choices, and many other details that you may not have considered. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the answers - your funeral director will be able to talk you through some options, and you can always change your mind at any time before the funeral.

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