Swindon Funeral Directors


There are 14 funeral directors in Swindon and the surrounding area, serving a growing population of over 200,000. Funeral Guide members have their services and prices listed, with independent and verified reviews available for you to read. To make an informed comparison between funeral homes, there are both local independent funeral directors, and funeral homes belonging to national chains in Swindon.

Recent census results show that the population comprises those of many religious faiths, with over half of residents identify as Christian. This means that funeral directors are likely to have experience planning funeral services for various cultural and religious beliefs. However, with nearly a third professing no religion, funeral directors in Swindon will also have experience in arranging Humanist or secular funeral services.

Swindon Borough Council runs the local Kingsdown Crematorium, which is located to the north of the town on Kingsdown Road. The crematorium and cemetery grounds are open throughout the year at varying times. The council run and maintain two other cemeteries: Withworth Road cemetery is to the north and Radnor Street Cemetery is closer to the centre; however neither of these cemeteries have further space available other than those graves which have already been purchased.

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