Brighton And Hove Funeral Directors


Funeral directors in Brighton and Hove serve a vibrant population of over 150,000 people. Funeral Guide members in the city include a mixture of local funeral directors and national chains. All members have their prices and services clearly listed to make a comparsion of funeral homes in Brighton and Hove as easy as possible.

Due to its diverse multicultural, cosmopolitan makeup there is likelihood that specific religious or cultural services can be arranged and that many funerals directors in Brighton and Hove will be able to accommodate your needs.

Brighton is also noted for its large secular contingent within its population with 42% listed as non-religious. Local funeral directors are therefore experienced in, and able to offer funeral arrangements specifically tailored for non-religious and humanist clients.

There are two crematoria in Brighton, Woodvale on Lewes Road which has three chapels and is run by the council, and Downs on Bear Road which is privately owned. Brighton and Hove city council own and maintain seven cemeteries across the area the grounds of which are open every day of the year.

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