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10 amazing alternative coffins you have to see

This coffin looks like a cinema-style popcorn carton

More and more people are marking the fact their loved one was one in a million, by arranging an alternative funeral or organising a personalised funeral ceremony. There are countless ways you can break the mould and make your loved one’s funeral a unique and meaningful occasion. Many people begin by choosing a personalised coffin.

If your loved one had a favourite flower or football team that meant a lot, or was tickled by the idea of being buried in a giant chocolate box, then you might decide to make a personalised coffin a focal point of their funeral ceremony.

You’d be amazed by the wealth of creative and colourful alternative coffin choices available. Some people with a sense of humour are even searching for ‘funny’ coffins online, while photo and picture coffins are increasing in popularity and can be give a personal touch with names and quotes engraved on them.

Here’s our pick of 10 of the most unusual and eye-catching decorated coffins. You can find out all you need to know about arranging a funeral on our Help & Resources pages.

1. Flower coffin

A coffin with cherry blossom This pretty cherry-blossom flower picture coffin is among a host of bright options from Colourful Coffins, which you can personalise with written text. Its team can also help you design your own decorated coffin, whether for a loved one or pre-planning your own funeral. You can order your alternative coffin design on a wooden or cardboard model, or American-style casket.

2. Sci-fi coffin

This coffin looks like a space age time machine Fit for a time traveller, this novelty coffin is green, too, as it’s almost entirely made from cardboard and paper, most of which has been recycled. It’s from Creative Coffins, which specialises in picture coffins that reflect a host of interests and pastimes.

3. Animal print coffin

A leopard print coffin If they loved to vamp it up in life, then maybe a faux-animal print might be a appropriate personalised coffin to pay tribute to someone glamorous. It’s part of The Coffin Company's selection of out-there and unusual coffin finishes, which range from circuit-board and gold foil effects, to bold painted tulips. A decorated coffin perfect for someone who was no shrinking violet in life.

4. Poppyfield coffin

Red poppies painted on a light oak coffin

Traditional oak is given an artistic touch by Cartmell and Barlow in its Design range, with meadow flowers, including these beautiful poppies, among its picture coffin range. The company, which has been making coffins since the 1870s in Lancashire, also makes bespoke personalised coffins and caskets, by request.

5. Electric guitar coffin

This bespoke coffin is shaped like an electric guitar

Yes, this electric guitar really is a full-size coffin. It is just one of the [bespoke coffins](( to have come out of Crazy Coffins' Nottingham workshop. Whether it’s a giant ballet shoe, a Viking ship or skateboard that tells the [story]about you or your loved one’s life and passions, it’s the job of their talented carpenters and artists to help realise your vision.

6. The Creative Curve coffin

a curved coffin handpainted with trees and birds This is a Curve coffin and you can really make one of these on your own – if you like a bit of DIY. Wealden Coffins of Kent makes these build-your-own coffin kits, which are also available ready assembled through funeral directors. The eco-friendly alternative coffins can be painted with bespoke illustrations, or decorated with a choice of pretty wallpapers. You can also opt for them to be finished with a plain paper, suitable for family and friends to draw and paint their own messages on. This one was decorated by a young family for someone special.

7. Popcorn coffin

This coffin looks like a giant cinema-style popcorn box

If you are planning a funeral for someone who had a sense of fun, Creative Coffins’ quirky coffin designs, include a giant chocolate box, vintage wine bottle and this huge popcorn tub. If you’ve come up with something they haven’t thought of, they can help you create your dream theme.

8. Crystal coffin

a Green coffin embellished with pink swirls and crystals

If someone brought light, life and sparkles into your life, then a crystal coffin like this might be just the thing. You can consult with Colourful Coffins’ Sparkle It team to design your own coffin with the colourways, artwork and text of your choice. It will be hand-embellished with as many Swarovski crystals as you like.

9. Beer barrel coffin

A dark oak coffin which looks like a traditional beer casket

This unusual coffin could be perfect for a pub landlord or for raising a glass to someone who loved a pint. It’s made by Bradnam Joinery, which has been crafting traditional coffins and caskets in Suffolk for more than 100 years. Its contemporary collection also includes picture coffins with images including skylines and scenery, hobbies and wildlife themes.

10. Personalised coffin

This coffin has the name 'Mum' carved into the side This bright yellow alternative coffin is a wonderful way to reflect the sunshine that someone brought to your life. It’s part of Steve Soult's rainbow Artiste range, which can be personalised with names engraved in a choice of tasteful fonts. You can also opt for oak or mahogany versions, if you are seeking a more traditional coffin which still has that personal touch.

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