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Colin Belcher 2019-07-04 00:20:20

Thank you for a very detailed and efficient service. 

Paul Newland 2019-04-30 20:01:46

Always friendly and helpful when we were organising the funeral, with plenty of ideas and suggestions to assist in our planning when needed. Efficient turn around of printed materials (invites, orders of service). On the actual day of funeral, we were contated prior to confirm arrangements and could not fault the Rowland Brothers staff who attended the funeral (palbearers / funeral cortege). They were all respectful and well presented.

Juliana Ryan 2019-03-24 09:38:28

As soon as I entered Rowland Brothers I knew I had made the right choice with a family business. Sophie’s calm and compassionate manner helped sooth my distress at having to arrange my sister’s funeral. She listened carefully to the sort of funeral I wanted and had everthing at her fingertips to show me my options without being in the slightest way pushy to pile on extras. When I gave her the name of a recommended humanist for the service she immediately downloaded and printed information about her for me. Likewise when I told her my sister wanted her ashes taken to Malta she presented me with the relevant customs papers. The list of venues for the wake within a reasonable distance of the cremstorium was invaluable- I visited several till I found the perfect bright and airy place we needed. The recommended florist did a beautiful job of the flowers for the casket. Everything was booked that very day with an option to make a final decision on the casket after discussing it with family. Subsequent phone calls were always treated with patience and curtesy. On the day everything was carried out with perfect presision  and attentiveness allowing me to relax in the knowledge that I was in the hands of a truly professional service. I even got advice on the best way to transport the ashes abroad! 

Sharon Quezada 2019-03-18 12:32:19

Very professional and caring, at a time of great sadness, Rowland Brothers guided us through the whole process with great consideration, were so helpful and kind, and on the day of the Funeral ensured everything ran smoothly, I highly recommend to anyone needing this service.

Joy Assa-Darko 2019-03-04 11:23:01

I was just about to send an email expressing my appreciation for the excellent service my family and I recieved from the very first meeting with Sophie at our home to the burial.We felt confident that Kofi was in very safe hands.The respect accorded to Kofi was touching eg Sophie knocking at the chapel door before we entered for viewing.The good relstionship between Rowlands and Christchurch made the process seamless.. Once again please acceot my heartfelt thanks