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West Norwood Crematorium


Norwood High Street
SE27 9JU

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About Us

West Norwood Crematorium is part of the historic West Norwood Cemetery which is a beautiful Victorian cemetery spread across 40 acres in the borough of Lambeth, London. The crematorium was first open in 1915, but was damaged in wartime bombing in 1944. In 1956, a new crematorium was open to the public, with two chapels, an oak columbarium and a Hall of Memory.

Open to members of all faiths and beliefs, the staff are happy to accommodate most religious customs and cultural requests. Each funeral service is given a 45 minute time slot, but this can be extended if arranged in advance. The funeral ceremony can be held at an external place of worship or at a different venue if desired.

The traditional chapel at West Norwood Crematorium offers a serene space which be used by families to arrange a meaningful memorial service following a burial or cremation. It can seat up to 100 guests, and there is a chamber organ which can be used if you arrange a band or musician, Alternatively, recorded music can be provided without an additional charge.

The Garden of Remembrance is an idyllic spot to remember your loved ones and is designed for the scattering of ashes.

West Norwood Crematorium offers several kinds of memorials - choose from bronze, leather and stone plaques, cremation plots or dedicate a rose shrub (with a bronze plaque) in memory of your loved one. Family members can enter details of their loved one’s life in the Book of Remembrance that is kept at the Hall of Memory. The trained and caring staff can help families with advice and to help them decide a suitable memorial option.

Parking is available at the Lambeth crematorium. You may not visit the chapel during service times, but is otherwise open to visitors.

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