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Funeral Guide Launches Awareness Campaign

Funeral Guide's "compare funeral directors" on a wall panel in a tube carriage

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Funeral Guide is reaching out to the public this winter to bring awareness of its funeral director comparison service to the newly bereaved. For the final weeks of 2019 and the opening weeks of 2020, Funeral Guide will run advertisements with Transport for London (TFL) for the entire London Underground network. Over 3,300 adverts within tube carriages will be seen for at least four weeks by a minimum of 16 million commuters in the nation's capital.

Funeral Guide helps the bereaved by providing easy access to information and advice after the death of a loved one. The site features over 17,000 independent reviews of funeral directors, as well as comprehensive pricing of funeral director services.

Every review on Funeral Guide is verified to ensure that it has been written by someone who has recently used a funeral director to arrange their loved one’s funeral. Reading independent reviews on Funeral Guide can help the bereaved find out how satisfied other families have been with the care provided by a particular funeral director, and allows the bereaved to make an informed decision in their time of need.

The bereaved can search for a funeral director on Funeral Guide by town or postcode, and can sort the results by popularity, price and location.

Funeral Guide CEO, Ed Gallois, said:

"Our goal at Funeral Guide is to empower the bereaved in their decision making when choosing a funeral director. We do this by giving the bereaved the ability to compare funeral directors based on quality, price and range of services. It’s important, therefore, that we continue to reach out to the public and raise awareness of Funeral Guide in order to help the bereaved."

Funeral Guide also provides listings and pricing for all cemeteries and crematoriums around the UK, as well as a comprehensive directory of natural burial grounds.

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