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20 incredible floral tributes for funerals

Special floral tributes for a funeral in the shape of a handbag, a teddy bear, a butterfly and a spanner

Floral tributes for funerals are a long-standing tradition in the UK, but florists are becoming increasingly creative in their designs for funeral flower arrangements.

Floral tributes crafted into specific shapes or pictures are known as special tributes. Most commonly people choose designs that reflect their loved one’s interests, from football and cricket to musical instruments and vehicles.

Discover these 20 incredible floral tributes for funerals and be inspired with some funeral flower ideas of your own.

1. This gorgeous pink butterfly

2. An arrangement for a devoted footie fan

3. A beautiful designer handbag for a fashion-lover

4. This incredible re-creation of Rupert the Bear

5. A life-sized floral sewing machine

6. A model Spitfire recreated in flowers

7. A guitar-shaped tribute for musicians

8. A delicate teapot design with pink roses

9. A floral cricket bat decorated with red roses

10. This personalised boat design for a sea-faring loved one

11. A special musical note tribute

12. Beautifully crafted gates of heaven

13. A floral spanner for a handyman or woman

14. A bunny rabbit made from delicate pink and white flowers

15. This special open book design

16. Floral playing cards with red hearts

17. A white horse tribute for equestrians

18. This bright and sunny flower flip-flop

19. A teddy bear with thistle jacket

20. A rocking horse arrangement

Read more about the different types of funeral flowers or speak to your funeral director about your wishes for your loved one’s funeral.

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