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UK Cremation & Burial Costs

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While you can now find many funeral directors' pricing online, their fees are only part of the cost of a funeral. Burial or cremation costs also make up a large part of the total bill, and they can vary greatly.

Funeral Guide has conducted a large research project to find out cremation and burial costs for 2,400 cemeteries and 303 crematoriums across the UK.

Funeral Guide now has the most comprehensive database of burial and cremation costs in the country, with a unique insight into the variation in prices between different regions and the factors that cause it.

Funeral Guide's main findings

UK average cremation cost

UK average burial cost

London funeral statistics

Northern Ireland funeral statistics

Funeral cost statistic

Crematorium cost statistic

What is the average cremation cost in the UK?

The average cost of cremation in the UK is £823. This covers the cost of a standard week-day time slot for an adult resident and does not include doctors' fees or optional extras, such as live streaming a service online.

In England the average cost of cremation is £831. In Scotland it is £815, whereas in Wales it is significantly cheaper at £741.

However, Northern Ireland is the cheapest area of the UK for a cremation, with an average cost of £392. The most expensive region is the South West of England, where the average cost of cremation is £884.

Surprisingly, London is the cheapest region of England for cremation, with an average cost of £755. This is possibly because 63% of crematoriums in London are owned by local councils, rather than private providers.

You can see a full list of average cremation costs across the UK in the table below.

Region Average cost of cremation
South West £884
East of England £863
East Midlands £849
South East £848
Yorkshire and the Humber £842
Scotland £815
West Midlands £826
North East £780
North West £803
London £755
Wales £741
Northern Ireland £392

Average cost of cremation

The most expensive and cheapest crematoriums, however, often differed significantly from the average price of a cremation.

Most expensive place to be cremated Cost of cremation
Beckenham Crematorium (London) £1,070
Chichester Crematorium (South East) £1,070
Counties Crematorium (East Midlands) £1,070
Dundee Crematorium (Scotland) £1,070
Parkgrove Crematorium (Scotland) £1,070

Most expensive crematoriums

Cheapest places to be cremated Cost of cremation
Roselawn Crematorium (Northern Ireland) £392
South West Middlesex Crematorium (London) £535
Bangor Crematorium (Wales) £520
South West Middlesex Crematorium (London) £525
Chesterfield and District Crematorium (East Midlands) £560

Cheapest crematoriums

What is the average burial cost in the UK?

Burial is generally much more expensive than cremation. The average cost of burial across the UK is £1,698.

The average cost of burial also varies between nations of the UK: in England it is £1,862, in Scotland it is £1,650 and in Wales it is £1,686. Northern Ireland is the cheapest region for burial, at £543. Northern Ireland is also the only area of the UK where burial remains a more popular choice than cremation.

Funeral Guide based these figures on the interment fee and a 50 year lease of the burial plot for a local resident. The cost of burial for a non-resident can often be twice as expensive.

In contrast to the cost of cremation, London is the most expensive area for burial and the South West is the second cheapest area.

Region Average cost of burial
London £4,391
West Midlands £2,077
Yorkshire and the Humber £1,928
Scotland £1,650
North West £1,729
Wales £1,686
North East £1,706
East of England £1,386
South East £1,537
East Midlands £1,249
South West £1,287
Northern Ireland £520

Average cost of burial

Unlike crematoriums, the most expensive cemeteries to be buried in are all in the most expensive region: London.

The cost of burial in these cemeteries is at least twice as expensive as the average for the city. The most expensive cemetery in the UK, Highgate, is also one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, so is not a good indicator of normal pricing throughout London.

Most expensive place to be buried Cost of burial
Highgate Cemetery (London) £21,975
Kensal Green Cemetery (London) £18,550
Fulham Cemetery (London) £13,375
Margravine Cemetery (London) £13,375
Tottenham Cemetery (London) £9,233

Most expensive places to be buried

The least expensive cemeteries are also located in the least expensive regions of the UK.

Cheapest places to be buried Cost of burial
Hallgate Cemetery, Spalding (East of England) £150
Enderby New Cemetery, Enderby (East Midlands) £210
Dark Lane Cemetery, Chesterfield (East Midlands) £220
South Cave Cemetery, Brough (Yorkshire and the Humber) £240
Mampitts Cemetery, Shaftesbury (South West) £247

Cheapest places to be buried

The similarity of the cost of burial within regions is likely because, unlike crematoriums, cemeteries are owned by local councils.

What other costs are there for cremation, burial and funerals?

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there is an additional fee of £164 for two doctors to sign the Medical Certificates for Cremation because it is not part of their standard NHS duties.

Once the lease of a burial expires the next of kin will be contacted if possible and can renew the lease by paying additional burial fees.

You can find burial and cremation fees in your local area when you compare funeral directors on Funeral Guide.

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The actual cost of a funeral is usually much higher than the cost of burial or cremation because it also includes funeral directors' fees, coffins, hearses, flowers, catering and memorials, as well as a range of optional extras to personalise the service.

You can find out more about arranging a funeral and help with funeral costs on Funeral Guide.

You can also view directories of crematoriums and natural burial grounds.

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