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Sharon Jones 2019-08-23 10:00:12

S.Stibbards & sons were extremely helpful and sympathetic in providing advice and aiding us in reaching the final decisions that made Holly Sales funeral the best it could be. Thank you!

Emily Johnson 2019-08-20 22:39:28

It was a great service. Thank you. 

Christine Evans 2019-08-17 15:07:14

This is a family fun business and I felt as if they treated us like one of their own family members had passed. They provide  a personal , caring service.  Would thoroughly recommend 

Maureen Fynn 2019-08-17 13:47:00

I appreciated Paul & Cheryl Yarwood’s  love and attention throughout these dark days. My Mother Mrs Lilly Joan Redman had the most beautiful Funeral Service I have ever attended. Their kindness and care in my grief was amazing. Every detail was explained to me very thoroughly and thoughtfully.  I shall never forget the timing and respect they showed. All my relatives felt the occasion was so lovely and mindful in honouring Lilly’s life and I cannot thank them both enough..    Mrs Maureen Fynn

Deborah Dennis 2019-08-14 08:56:48

In a time of complete loss, they were very kind & compassionate & guided dad & I through one of the worst times of our lives with the loss of my darling mum & wife.