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Funeral Guide is a platform that is proud to host the reviews from real bereaved families and individuals. In 2022, more than ever before, people have been moving online to compare and find funeral directors.

Funeral Guide is the largest funeral director review site in the UK, and this year over 35,000 verified reviews have been left on the platform.

Funeral Guide 35k Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has used Funeral Guide in 2022. The UK's largest funeral comparison site is honored to have been able to help so many bereaved families this year.

Funeral Guide is more than just a review site. It is also a way for bereaved people to quickly and easily compare the costs and services of nearby funeral homes. This year, Funeral Guide has helped more than 10,000 people get in touch directly with a funeral director.

Funeral Guide 35k Reviews

Funeral Guide would like to take this chance to thank all of our funeral director partners who have been helping the bereaved all year, and promoting themselves with transparency and integrity on Funeral Guide.

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