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13 beautiful remembrance roses to plant in loving memory

Collage of beautiful remembrance roses

Photos courtesy of Country Garden Roses, Jones the Rose,Colin Gregory Roses, and Style Roses

A remembrance rose planted in memory of a loved one is a living tribute that will grow for many years to come. Whether you’re looking for sympathy gifts, or creating a garden space dedicated in fond memory, you’ll surely find the perfect memorial rose for remembering someone special amid our pick of beautiful blooms.

You can buy or plant a memorial rose at virtually any time of year. Potted roses are sold at many nurseries and garden centres year-round. During winter months, ‘bare-root’ roses are great value and also lightweight to post, whether you are sending a remembrance rose as sympathy gift, or buying one to plant in memory of someone special.

Sweet Memories – a memorial rose to grow in a pot

Pale yellow rose in full bloom Courtesy of British Roses

The Sweet Memories Rose is a lightly scented, pretty pale yellow patio rose, which flowers between June and September. With lots of attractive glossy foliage for added interest, Sweet Memories is a remembrance rose that will grow happily in a container.

Loving Memory – a classic memorial rose

Bright red rose Courtesy of Peter Beales Roses

This classically-shaped red hybrid tea remembrance rose can be grown in the garden or is available as a variety grown especially for containers. It come into flower from June, with beautiful, very lightly-fragranced blooms.

Kept well fed and watered, the Loving Memory rose should treat you to repeat bursts of flower through a growing season that can last until November.

Thinking of You – a wonderful rose for a sympathy gift

Red roses Courtesy of David Austin Roses

Another beautiful crimson hybrid tea, the Thinking of You rose has a wonderful perfume. It grows into a medium-sized rose bush with deep crimson flowers that appear early in the year and continue through the summer, and even the leaves are red-tinged.

A lovely idea for a sympathy gift for someone who has been bereaved, this remembrance rose could be a focal point in a memory garden created for someone special.

Mum in a Million – a beautiful floral tribute

Pink rose in full bloom Courtesy of Style Roses

A sweetly-scented hybrid tea, the Mum in a Million memorial rose has wonderful teacup-sized pink flowers. This variety is available as a bush, or a tall-stemmed standard for a striking focal point in the garden.

Mum in a Million roses can also sometimes be bought via florists as attractively-wrapped potted varieties, as a living alternative to funeral flowers

Always You – A remembrance rose with a message from the heart

Salmon-pink coloured rose Courtesy of Style Roses

A salmon pink hybrid tea, the Always You rose has a beautiful classically shaped flower.

This highly-fragranced memorial rose grows into a bush a little almost four feet (1.2 metres) high, making it an attractive focal point for the garden, with a special sentiment.

Scent from Heaven rose – a beautiful floral tribute in loving memory

Orange remembrance rose Courtesy of Jones the Rose

Named as the Royal Horticultural Society’s Rose of the Year for 2017, the Scent from Heaven rose is salmon and orange climber which will colour your garden with fragrant bursts of blooms which repeat-flower throughout the summer.

The Scent from Heaven memorial rose is a climber which will beautifully cover trellises, arches and pergolas to create a fragrant and tranquil corner of the garden – a wonderful way to remember someone special.

Together Forever – a remembrance rose with a special sentiment

Bronze and orange rose bloom Courtesy of Colin Gregory Roses

A bronze coloured scented floribunda rose with masses of blooms, the Together Forever rose’s petals tinge with beautiful pink as they fade.

A garden rose that enjoys full sun but will tolerate part-shade, Together Forever is a beautiful way to express a message from the heart, in flower.

Absent Friends – a lovely floral tribute to mark a significant date

Peach-coloured remembrance rose Courtesy of The Fragrant Rose Company

A peach coloured floribunda, the lovely To Absent Friends rose will grow vigorously in a sunny spot and is sweetly fragrant.

A compact remembrance rose suitable for smaller gardens, To Absent Friends would be a lovely alternative sympathy gift to remember someone by, or mark a significant date or anniversary.

At Peace – a truly beautiful remembrance rose

Very pale yellow rose bloom Courtesy of Country Garden Roses

The At Peace rose is a tall variety, bearing large, pale yellow flowers throughout the summer months. A wonderful floral tribute, it is truly elegant.

A beautiful choice of memorial rose to show someone how much you care, At Peace will feel most at home in a garden bed or border.

Eternally Yours – a remembrance rose with a loving message

Red rose with silver outer petals Courtesy of Jones the Rose

The petals of this scarlet remembrance rose are partly silver and can seem to shimmer in the sunshine. Eternally Yours is a stunning hybrid tea rose bush, which was bred to support charity the Rotherham Hospice Trust.

The Eternally Yours rose will grow as happily in a tub or large container as the garden and is a floral tribute that’s suitable for patios and sunny balconies.

My Darling Wife rose – for someone who lives on in your heart

Peach and apricot coloured rose Courtesy of Country Garden Roses

A stunning shell-pink, the hybrid tea rose My Darling Wife has a wonderful fragrance and would make a focal point in any garden.

If you are looking for a memorial rose to commemorate a special person in your life, You can also find a My Darling Mum rose, which is a yellow hybrid tea. There are two wonderful floribundas to discover, the popular lilac-colour My Lovely Dad rose and My Darling Husband rose, in shades of peach and apricot.

Never Forgotten – an enduringly popular fragrant remembrance rose

Red rose with cream-coloured outer petals Courtesy of Colin Gregory Roses

This very popular memorial rose has deep red petals, which are cream-coloured on the other side. The Never Forgotten rose also has a heavenly scent.

Never Forgotten is a floribunda rose, which flowers from late spring and has become one of the most popular choices of rose to plant in memory of someone unforgettable.

Precious Love rose – supporting Child Bereavement UK

Bright pink rose Courtesy of Jones the Rose

The beautiful Precious Love rose was created in memory of two-year old twins Betsy and William Woodbridge and helps support the work of charity Child Bereavement UK. The remembrance rose, which produces multiple blooms throughout the summer, was unveiled in 2010.

Flowering from June through to September, the Precious Love rose is available as a tree-shaped standard variety. It would make an attractive feature in a flower border, or can be grown in a pot on a sunny patio in memory of someone very special.

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