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Loving Memory Christmas Gifts

A colourful quilt with materials and equipment lying on top of it, including scissors and thread

Photo by Dinh Pham on Unsplash

This guide to Christmas memorial ideas in remembrance of a person who has died provides inspiration for gifts to buy or make for a bereaved family.

What is an appropriate memorial gift at Christmas?

Christmas can be a very sensitive and difficult time for bereaved families and even well-meaning gifts might not be appropriate. Unwrapping a gift that reminds someone of their loved one might be an upsetting surprise for them. It is always a good idea to think carefully before you give them to someone, and talk to them about it first.

It might feel difficult, but try to not be upset if someone tells you that they would prefer not to receive the memorial gift you intended for them.

Christmas sympathy gift ideas

Memorial Christmas baubles

clear glass bauble decorated with the outline of an angel hanging on a Christmas tree

Photo by Rawdonfox on Flickr.

Christmas baubles are classic tree decorations, which have been used for hundreds of years. The first baubles were invented in Germany in the 1600s, and they are now more popular than ever. You can buy personalised memorial Christmas baubles from lots of different companies, which can feature a photo of someone who has died in the design.

You could also make your own Christmas memorial bauble to give as a Christmas sympathy gift, or decorate your own tree in memory of a loved one.

As well as baubles, you can also get other memorial christmas ornaments to display on a shelf or windowsill.

Remembrance rose

photo of red-orange rose bud about to open

Photo by Jon Butterworth on Unsplash.

Remembrance roses are a lovely Christmas memorial gift, and can be an especially sweet commemoration for someone who loved gardening. Some growers can also breed unique remembrance roses that can be named after someone special. Roses bloom in spring and summer, but they are planted in winter, so are definitely an appropriate Christmas gift idea.

Memorial jewellery

Photo of a gold lady's watch lying on it's side on a table

Photo by Marek Prygiel on Unsplash

Memorial jewellery is an increasingly popular way to remember loved ones who have died. A necklace, locket or bracelet inscribed with the name of someone who has died is a thoughtful bereavement gift idea at any time, especially Christmas.

Some companies can even embed their loved ones ashes into handcrafted jewellery for a truly unique memorial, but this is definitely a Christmas gift idea that you should discuss with the person who will be receiving this gift.

Memory quilt

Photo of child's bedroom with colourful quilt on the bed

Photo by Lynn Anne Bruns on Unsplash.

A memory quilt is a quilt that can be made from fabric that reminds people of a loved one who has died, such as their clothing. Lots of talented sewers sell handmade memory quilt using fabric sent to them, but you can also make your own memory quilt, or even a memory teddy bear.

Charitable donation

If you are unsure if a bereaved family would appreciate a memorial gift, such as a Christmas bauble or remembrance rose, a donation to a charity might be more appropriate. You do not even have to tell them that you are making the donation.

You can find more inspiration for bereavement gifts that are suitable for any time of year in our guide to modern memorial ideas.

The edge of a closed Christmas card decorated with silver glitter; part of the message is visible

Photo by ginaka_ on Unsplash

Finally, if you’re sending a Christmas card to someone who has been bereaved, it is thoughtful to acknowledge that you are still thinking about the person who has died.

Don’t be afraid to include "and thinking of..." in your message on the Christmas card so that they know that you have not forgotten them. You can find advice in our guide to writing a condolence message.

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