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Dying Matters Awareness Week: In a Good Place

Dying Matter Awareness Week 2021

Every May, bereavement experts, healthcare professionals, funeral directors, hospices and members of the public take part in the UK’s biggest conversation on end of life topics - Dying Matters Awareness Week.

Whether looking at the practicalities of dying or the emotional impact of bereavement, many of us still struggle to talk about death. By engaging communities in a week long discussion, the 2021 Dying Matters Awareness Week looks to give people all over Britain the opportunity to talk.

Each day, from May 10-16, different aspects of dying and end-of-life issues are discussed and brought out into the open, giving people the chance to discuss openly a topic that’s often seen as taboo.

Through activities organised by charities, social groups, and individual members of the public, people are brought together to debate some of life’s most pressing questions.

The 2021 daily theme is the importance of being #inagoodplace to die. During the week, Dying Matters will explore what it means to be in a good place, and how you and your loved ones can plan for the end of life.

Each day a different theme is being discussed. The themes all explore a different aspect of being in a good place:

Physically (place of death, Advance Care Planning) Emotionally (talking about death, making sure loved ones are cared for) Financially (making a will, making funeral plans) Spiritually (how different faith groups talk about and prepare for death) Digitally (looking at digital assets, social media, online banking)

Keep up to date with everything by following Dying Matters on Facebook and Twitter. Join the conversation with #inagoodplace. And be sure to follow Funeral Guide on Facebook and Twitter.

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