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Dignity looks to digital services to help bereaved

Person using a computer mouse, accessing online services for the bereaved

Dignity, one of the largest providers of funeral services in the UK, has today outlined that digital services will play a major role in how they help the bereaved in the future.

The company, which runs local funeral homes in towns and cities across the country, has said that it was “starting to see potential opportunities from the use of digital technologies.”

Dignity chief executive Mike McCollum said: “We are working hard on introducing new digital services. The first such example is the launch of Simplicity Cremations, a nationally available, online, affordable direct cremation service.”

In its newly published annual report, Peter Hindley, the company’s chairman, explained: “We are seeking to develop our web presence in ways to help market our services, but also to help the level of service we provide our clients.”

Dignity, which is behind the current funeral plans of at least 404,000 people in the UK, is looking to further grow its use of digital technology to expand and improve the service it offers to the bereaved.

Its acknowledgement of digital as a growing and vital part of the funeral service is confirmation that the funeral profession is becoming more willing to explore the potential of online technology to help the bereaved.

“It’s great that large providers such as Dignity, which operates nearly 800 funeral homes across the UK, are now investing in digital technology and looking to work with websites such as Funeral Guide and others to help the bereaved,” said Gary Moyle, Funeral Guide’s head of digital.

“Nowadays people spend a significant part of their lives online as well as in the real world, and it’s only right that the funeral profession reflects that. This is a very encouraging sign that the profession is embracing new technology to help the bereaved and we welcome Dignity’s forward thinking.”

Funeral Guide works with over 1,000 funeral homes to provide free online obituaries for the bereaved, where people can leave condolence messages, light virtual candles and donate to a loved one’s charity. Funeral Guide also provides over 5,000 independent reviews of funeral directors on its website, so the bereaved can easily compare funeral directors and make an informed decision at their time of need.

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