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Online pricing in funeral profession takes giant leap forward

SAIF online pricing announcement

Transparency in the UK funeral profession took a giant leap forward today with an announcement by the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) that their members must show clear pricing on their websites and/or on price comparison sites.

The move is aimed to provide the recently bereaved, who are increasingly looking online for funeral directors’ services, with the information they require to make a fully informed decision at their time of need. The full SAIF Code of Practice will be published in the coming days, with all members of SAIF required to show full pricing for simple funerals, unattended burials and cremations by March 31, 2021.

SAIF Chief Executive, Terry Tennens, described the new SAIF Code of Practice as a watershed moment and encouraged funeral directors to embrace the change, saying:

“It’s really important to stress that the new requirements are a minimum standard and I encourage funeral businesses to view the revised Code as a framework for truly showcasing how you make a difference to bereaved families.”

Mr. Tennens also referenced the recent CMA investigation into the funeral profession as being an important factor in the new pricing requirements.

He said: “Independent funeral directors have always been the most innovative segment of the UK funeral profession, excelling in providing a tailored, more personalised service to the families in their care. And this, as the CMA investigation has shown, is combined with offering the best value too.”

Ed Gallois, CEO of Funeral Guide, said: "This is very welcome news from SAIF, who represent almost 1,000 independent, family-run funeral directors across the country. Online pricing is fast becoming the norm in the funeral profession, which has been a long time coming. The age of online transparency is here to stay in the funeral profession, which is good news for consumers and also good news for the best funeral directors in the business."

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