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Funeral Zone reaches 3 million views in 12 months

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Over the past 12 months Funeral Guide has generated over three million views on its website proving that it’s one of the fastest growing websites in the funeral industry. With year on year growth at over 100%, Funeral Guide has gone from strength to strength and is now set to achieve even more growth in 2016.

Funeral Guide's visits come from a diverse set of sources including social channels like Facebook and a healthy presence in Google, plus other search engines. This is driven by interaction with Funeral Guide's online obituaries and the growing visibility of their funeral director business profiles in Google.

Online reviews have been key to this success as well as the quality of the business profiles themselves. Behind this is Funeral Guide's expert SEO and content marketing team who work diligently to provide high quality unique copy for all their funeral director clients.

“We have a strong SEO strategy in place which is already contributing to better visibility in search engines and an improved experience for our visitors. Digital assets such as our Help and Resources section and our blog will also improve our coverage.”

Gary Moyle, Head of Digital Marketing

Finally with growing direct and referral traffic, we can see that the Funeral Guide brand is quickly gaining more recognition in the funeral industry and awareness with the public.

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