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Bereavement Boxes in Birmingham

Journal to Dreams

Pariss Sailsman works with young children, women and families who have suffered beraevement and adversity

Journals to Dreams, a bereavement charity that focuses on services for children, young people and women, has successfully launched a new ‘Bereavement Box’ initiative for primary school children in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

The boxes are designed to provide children who have suffered a bereavement a selection of tools to help them communicate and cope with their feelings. The items range from fidget spinners and pop-it toys, alongside affirmation cards, colouring pencils and notepads, feelings indicators, stress balls and more.

Pariss Sailsman, the founder of Journals to Dreams, works with children as young as three who have been affected by bereavement and other adversity, as well as mentoring women and families who need guidance in difficult situations.

Ms Sailsman said: "If we can help one child to realise that they are not alone, that they are special, that they are not alone in their feelings, that they are loved... we have done our job."

You can find out more information, including on how to request a bereavement box and how to donate to Journals to Dreams by following the links to their website.

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