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5 ideas for bereaved children remembering Dad on Father’s Day

A sad child hidden in a den of cushions on the sofa

When a much-loved dad dies, he is missed every single day of the year, but occasion days like Father’s Day can be especially emotional. Here, five charities which support bereaved children and their families suggest some special things that you can do in memory of Dad.

“Listen to his favourite music – (however awful his taste was!)”

A solemn boy listening to music on an iPod

Winston’s Wish has 10 ideas on its website for remembering a special dad. “On occasions like Father’s Day bereaved young people can feel particularly isolated,” says the charity’s head of clinical services, Gianna Daly. “Very often these young people want to keep talking about that person, especially on Father’s Day itself, but to do so they need help and support.”

“Play his favourite sport”

A child in trainers is kicking a ball

Mosaic, the charity which supports bereaved children in Dorset, says Father’s Day can be a difficult time for many children whose Dad or Daddy has died, but suggests it can also be a poignant and good time to celebrate his memory and share lots of positive memories. It’s put together a list of good ideas that may inspire you.

“Write what you’d like to say in a card”

Drawing a card with colourful crayons

… if that feels right and put it up at home, or take it to the cemetery or crematorium. Cruse Bereavment Care knows that Father’s Day can be tough for young people who can no longer look forward to sharing the day with their dad or stepdad. It says its Freephone helpline (0808 808 1677) will be open between 10am and 2pm this weekend. Visit its website to read author Mark Lemon's story about grieving for his dad on Father's Day. Young people can connect with each other at Cruse’s dedicated website for children and teenagers,

“Visit his grave and leave a photo”

A little girl and her mum looking through family photos

Losing someone close to you is a terrible thing, says Childline. Its counsellors are available on a free helpline (0800 1111) and young people can also access one-to-one online chats with its supportive team. Older children may want to share their feelings and experiences with other people the same age on the charity’s message boards. Childline understands that it’s perfectly natural to have strong reactions when someone you love, or are close to, dies.

“Take a trip to his favourite place”

Two children on the shore of a quiet sandy beach

Bereavement charity Jeremiah's Journey says Father’s Day can be a “very tricky time” for many of the children and young people that it supports. It’s come up with some special ideas that bereaved children can do at home, or further away, to remember Dad by on Father’s Day, which you can find on its website.

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