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10 stunning funeral wreaths

Pink and white flower funeral wreaths

Flowers for funerals are a long-running tradition as a way of paying your respects to the person who has died. If you are a close friend or family member, you might want to offer a flower arrangement or funeral wreath for inclusion in the service.

There are literally thousands of potential designs, flower combinations and arrangements out there, depending on your tastes and budget. Here we bring together 10 beautiful funeral flower ideas to inspire you to choose the perfect funeral wreath for your loved one.

1. A modern, asymmetrical wreath in purple

2. A bright and beautiful circle of wildflowers and sunflowers

3. A simple, elegant design with Calla Lilies

4. The perfect wreath for a devoted football fan

5. This colourful arrangement in orange and pink

6. A multi-tonal rainbow wreath

6. A traditional, pure white arrangement

7. This unusual design using ornamental cabbages

8. A classic design with vibrant yellow and purple roses

9. A pastel-coloured arrangement of roses

10. This circle of delicate tulips

Read more about the different types of funeral flowers or speak to your funeral director about your wishes for your loved one’s funeral.

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