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Miss you: How bereaved children will be remembering loved ones this Christmas

How children cope with grief at Christmas - decorating a tree

Childhood bereavement support charity Winston’s Wish provides support to children who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or carer and for many of them, Christmas is a special time for remembrance.

More than 41,000 children in the UK are bereaved every year, while 100 youngsters every day suffer the loss of a parent. Here, four young people who are supported by Winston’s Wish share how they will be remembering someone they love and miss, this Christmas.

With a Wish Upon a Star

children coping with grief at Christmas - star ornament

“At Christmas time, I remember my Dad by doing the Winston’s Wish Wish Upon a Star and hanging it on our Christmas tree. Me and my Mum have conversations and talk about what Dad would do at Christmas, and we look at photo albums and see pictures of him at Christmas time and throughout the year, and just reminisce about the good times we had”.

  • Grace, 19

By thinking about the things we would have to say

Children coping with grief at Christmas, thinking about dad

“This Christmas I’ll be taking a couple of minutes out to sit and think about how Christmas would be if he [Dad] was still alive today and the conversations we would’ve had with each other”.

  • Josh, 17

By writing a letter

Children coping with grief at Xmas- writing a letterPicture: Green Chameleon on Unsplash

“I’ll probably write her a letter saying how much I love her, and I miss her, what I’ve done this year and what I’m going to do next year”.

  • Livvie, 12

Doing some of our favourite things

Children coping with grief at Christmas 0- listening to music

“By watching films that we shared together. I listen to music that reminds me of him, and just generally things like that.”

Connor, 19

  • Visit to find out how it could help you or someone you know to cope with loss, or to donate to support its work.

If you are facing Christmas without a loved one, read more about coping with grief and the support organisations that may help, in our bereavement support section.

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