Without wishing to sound defeatist at the first idea of a DIY Funeral, there is a reason why Funeral Directors exist. At the time of someone's passing, it is a difficult moment, a period of grieving will ensue after the shock. Arranging a funeral yourself will be no mean feat but it can be achieved and the short guide below will hopefully assist in going some way to help.

Arranging the funeral is only one piece of the puzzle. When a person dies their body is usually kept somewhere before a service. This can be any length of time between three days and two weeks in some areas. Some people keep the loved one at home but this usually requires embalming. When enlisting a Funeral Director, they already have on hand refrigeration facilities and a person to apply make up and clothe the body.

These are elements most people would prefer to take for granted rather than arrange a DIY funeral. If you are to take on the duties of a Funeral Director, you will need to consider most if not all of the following agenda. Speaking to crematoriums, religious bodies, individual coffin and cask manufacturers as well as the details you were seeing to already.​

Finding a place to keep the body

  • Deciding upon a coffin, casket or urn, styling and purchasing and arranging delivery
  • Finding a local church or crematorium for both service and final resting place
  • Plan and draw up service schedule, booklets and stationery, with floral tributes
  • Organising transport for not only the coffin or casket but family
  • Posting death notices in local and national newspapers and notifying family and friends
  • Book a venue for any wake or arrange for transport to the person's home

Which Situations Would Suit A DIY Funeral?

Organising a DIY funeral will not be for everyone. Occasions where they might be suitable is if there is a large family wishing to take on different aspects. If the death is one that is being managed or known before the fact, the person dying may wish to take part in organising their own funeral. This is something that could be experienced by close family and friends who wish to help. Ultimately this is the most personalised funeral option, it may work out cheaper too.

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