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Roselawn Cemetery and Crematorium


129-131 Ballygowan Road

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About Us

Roselawn Crematorium is located within Roselawn Cemetery in Belfast. Catering to local communities, the crematorium is open to members of all faiths, religions and beliefs.

Cremation services can take place up to 30 minutes each at Roselawn crematorium, with 20 minutes allocated for the actual service. Service time may be extended on payment of an additional fee. A memorial service may be held at the non-denominational Church of the crematorium which is open to accommodate religious, non-religious and ethnic minority services including Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Chinese funerals. Families can bring their own funeral music on a CD or book the use of the church organ in advance. A reception or refreshments for family and friends can be served at Reflections Coffee shop nearby.

Following the cremation, you can choose to take away the ashes, have it buried in a private or family grave at Roselawn cemetery or inter or scatter cremated remains in the peaceful Gardens of Remembrance at the crematorium. Cremated remains can also be scattered or buried in the woodland copse, an area covered by birch trees. Staff are happy to help with scattering ashes, and families can also choose to have a ceremony with a minister of religion or member of the clergy present.

You could also place the ashes in urns and have them placed in niches at the Columbarium which can be leased for a 25-year period, along with a personalised plaque which can be displayed alongside. For an everlasting tribute to your loved one, you can enter the details into the Book of Remembrance which is placed inside a room in the crematorium. Alternatively, you can also erect a granite memorial stone book in the Gardens of Remembrance, purchase a memorial seat or a tree within the grounds of Roselawn cemetery.

The crematorium grounds and the cemetery have car parking facilities including parking for the disabled.

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