Jeffrey Bullas (21 Jun 1929 - 3 Dec 2021)

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23rd Dec 2021
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In loving memory of Jeffrey Bullas who sadly passed away on 3rd December 2021

Christian Barton donated £50 in memory of Jeffrey

Christian Barton

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Christian Barton wrote

Dear Grandad to me was the epitome of old fashioned Yorkshire grit and determination. Well done to you for the everything you achieved.

The first memory or certainly one of the earliest memories of you was getting home from work with your sleeves rolled up and winding me up (although I obviously didn’t know that at the age of 4) that your hair had blown away in a storm!

I have so many lovely memories of family times, to riding in that immaculate light blue Opal, to rocking (probably annoyingly) in your rocking chair in Martin Drive to playing in that beautiful garden that seemed to go on forever and ever as a small child.

The main thing I will remember you for is your amazing generosity and genuine concern that we were all ok and our lives were good.

The lasting memory I have of you Grandad is waving so lovingly bye to us as children from your car as you went home; and waving bye so lovingly from your kitchen window, in exactly the same way, as adults. In much the same way, we say good bye to you now Grandad - wishing you well up there with our lovely Grandma and may you forever rest in peace.

Love from Christian, Holly and your Great grandchildren Archie, Bobby and Remy - who I know would make you so proud X

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Jacqueline Bhangu donated £50 in memory of Jeffrey
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Jacqueline Bullas-Bhangu wrote

Thank you Dad,

For all the memories you have left behind.

The acorns and conkers you brought home in your pockets for us, when we were children, which you had collected from your long walks to work through Beaumont Park.

The seaside holidays, the donkey rides, ice creams and Knickerbocker Glories!
I shall look back at the photographs and remember.

For all of your hard work and the lovely home we had, with a swing in the garden which I loved.
I still remember when we all moved there.

For the bicycles and my tennis racquet and all the things children love.

Thank you.

You may be gone, but will never be forgotten.

With all my love Jacqueline XXXXX

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Suzanne Bullas donated £50 in memory of Jeffrey


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Coleen Barton donated £50 in memory of Jeffrey

As we say our goodbyes Dad, it gives us time to reflect on the part you have played in all of our lives.

From childhood to our years with our own children and grandchildren, we will always remember how determined and hard-working you were to achieve things for your family.

Thank you Dad, for all that you did for us, you will be missed and we will never forget you.

Rest in peace Dad.

With love

Coleen and Keith

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Sarah Walker donated £50 in memory of Jeffrey

Dear Dad, we will miss you greatly but you have left us with lots of fond memories. We will remember how kind & generous you were & your only concern was that we were all ok.

Grandad, you were always interested in knowing how we were doing at school & with our individual sports. We loved it when you called round on a Saturday morning & gave us pocket money and the football supplement when there was a big event on.

Rest peacefully now.
Love always, Sarah, Stuart, Finley & Jonah xxxx

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Kieron Barton wrote

What inspired me about you, Grandad was how you & Grandma worked SO hard to move your family to a beautiful part of the Holme Valley. The legacy of that tenaciousness was not only your children were brought up in such a beautiful place but also your grandchildren. We all owe you both an outstanding debt of gratitude to that.

Your hard-working nature and drive again definitely inspired both Christian and I too.

You brought up four lovely daughters, including Sarah, after the desperately sad loss of your beautiful wife, their amazing kind Mum and a lovely Grandma, at such an early age. Sarah is an absolute credit to you, Grandad.

You were a kind family man, proud of your family, never missed a birthday or Christmas even when we came out here to Australia. We will really miss your cards.

You are in our thoughts, as are my mum Coleen, Jacqueline, Suzanne & Sarah. Rest in peace, Grandad. Much love Kieron, Lou, Gracie, Meadow & Jude xx

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Kieron Barton donated £100 in memory of Jeffrey
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Sarah Walker posted a picture
Dad with his 4 daughters. Happy memories.

Dad with his 4 daughters. Happy memories.

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