Daniel James Shearman (28 Nov 1974 - 5 Feb 2021)

Funeral Service

Medway Crematorium Robin Hood Lane, Blue Bell Hill Chatham ME5 9QU
Funeral Director
T. Allen Funeral Service, Strood

In loving memory of Daniel James Shearman who sadly passed away on 5th February 2021.

Dan was a much loved colleague, friend, Uncle, Son, Brother, Father and Husband and he will be greatly missed.
Dan was born on 28th of November 1974 and he lived in and around the Medway area of Kent for most of his life.
He attended Greenwich University and studied Engineering.
For much of his working life Dan worked for Network Rail as an Engineer and manager.
Dan's main passions were cars and music and later skiing and travel.
He played in many bands over the years mostly as a bass guitar player.
He had an incredible gift for making up songs on the spot. He had an uninhibited and emotive voice and a fantastic turn of phrase.
He was good company and an excellent story teller, he could paint a picture with his words and he would make you howl with laughter.
He was an independent thinker, unswayed by popular opinion, fads or peer pressure.
He was generous, witty, often hilarious, straight forward, blunt, profound and wise.
Dan met the love of his life Jen in 2007 and in 2010 they married, having got engaged in Las Vegas.
Together they welcomed two wonderful boys Isaac (born in November 2011 ) and Elliot (born in November 2014)
Dan was a dedicated family man who enjoyed nothing more than the company of his wife and children. He was a great father and he loved his children dearly.
Dan was a lovely, sweet, unique, and talented man who was able to connect with people from all walks of life.
Dan leaves behind a host of memories with those that spent time with him and a giant hole in the lives of those that loved him.

He will never be forgotten.

Whilst due to COVID regulations we are unable to invite many to the funeral, we will be organising a remembrance event once we can all meet again safely. In lieu of flowers, if you would like to make a charity donation in Dan's memory then please do contact T Allen funeral directors by emailing strood@allentfuneralservice.co.uk or calling 01634 295552. Charity donations will be split between MIND and Winston's Wish.

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Jayne Kranat wrote

There are no words to convey our sorrow; thinking of you xxxx

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Mark Hardman wrote

The first I knew about Dan was through Jen’s excitement as she relayed being allowed to drive his Porsche on an early date. This quickly evolved to me meeting Dan and seeing how Jen enjoyed climbing in and out of the back of this Porsche because the doors don’t work! And on meeting Dan I could instantly see everything Jen conveyed about his intelligence and eccentricity and warmth. I’m not the first here to recall him turning up with food (and whisky) as our kids were born. The man new how to mix a tasty cocktail, and I recall lengthy conversations about the correct way to muddle; but nobody remembers the end of those nights. I remember us spending ages with four toddlers trying to all work out where the engine was in a plastic pedal car. I suspect that there are as many stories as there are times in Dan’s life because he made every moment interesting, without that ever feeling anything other than completely natural and joyful. I’ve asked the publishers to dedicate a book to him that I’m editing about teaching physics, just because I think Dan would appreciate the randomness of this. I realise that I didn’t know Dan as well as other people, but it didn’t take much time with him to see how special he was.

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Angela Cunningham wrote

I have only known Jen and Dan for a short time, but what fun and happiness and vodka martinis. I wish my grandson had a dad like Dan.... so intuitively connected to robot dance and creative fun child things... and clean teeth. What a loss and my love and thoughts to Jen and the boys. Xx

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Gemma Evans wrote

Some of the memories that stand out to me of Dan are -

When Blu Dan and Dan ran a cocktail bar at my hen party in the Shearman back garden, drinking cocktails in the sauna
Flying kites at the beach
Having a bonfire that got so big the fire brigade were called
Camping by the river
Dan leaving a ‘survival’ kit by our front door in the days after I gave birth to our twins
Going to cider festival on the Spa Valley railway when Jen was pregnant with Isaac
Eating pancakes on a Saturday morning

Dan you will be so missed. Every time I look at our sons, Daniel and James, I will think of you xx

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Emma Harvey wrote

Daniel. Aka my little brother. I have a world of memories with my little brother. Far too many to note. However I have a few to share that make me smile. When we were quite small I had a red sports pedal car and Daniel had a police car with helmet of course. We used to race our cars down the bank of the garden and crash into the side of the house, much to our mums annoyance. Which in fact made it seem more fun really. Daniel wanted to be a train driver when he was little and mum bought him the appropriate train drivers hat. Growing up we were very different. Daniel was very tidy. This changed drastically as he got older! I was extremely messy and disorganised. This never changed! Daniel liked to fix things that weren’t broken. My cash register being one. He liked lemon curd on crackers. With black current milk. He was the usual irritating little brother. When he was older he was a fun uncle to my children. He would come home from uni and we would spend a lot of time together. The children when little would go and hide in the club where we lived and Daniel would search relentlessly for them, while sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper ! Our mum documented our years growing up by taking photos of absolutely everything. She filled albums up containing precious memories of our life. Daniel met Jen and had two gorgeous boys. his life was complete. Evenings remembering our mum after she passed usually turned into a mass of alcohol. Food, laughter and fond memories. I was so very proud of Daniel. He was always my little brother and I love him always.

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Order of service

Order of service

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