John Dent (25 Jan 1934 - 23 Oct 2020)

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Bierton Crematorium Cane End Lane Bierton HP22 5BH
11th Nov 2020
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In loving memory of John Dent who sadly passed away on 23rd October 2020

Zoe Harcombe wrote

I did the Memories speech on the day and this was it:

Positive, interested, loyal, devoted, and funny – those are just some of the words that describe dad.

The words that kept cropping up from the tens of wonderful cards received by the family were: positive, kind, honest, cheerful, reliable, and enthusiastic. I lost count of the number of people who described dad as “a lovely man.”

So many cards said, “he will be greatly missed” and that there were “many happy memories.”

Nearly everyone said how funny dad was – that he always had a joke – although people were kind not to mention the quality of the jokes!

John & Hazel – treasured friends and neighbours – remembered dad as a lovely man who would always joke with you. “We had many happy times caravanning and even meeting up in Italy,” they shared.

John Stevens and family have been dear friends for decades. Lorraine – one of the daughters – said “I have many fond memories of times spent in John’s company, the wit and the banter especially around the Christmas table.”

Brian and Jenny – friends from Rotary – remembered John as the man who “always had a cheery word.”

Friend of the family, David Hedges said that dad always struck him as a “top man and a thoroughly decent fellow.”

Neighbours Tina and Chris remembered that dad always had a smile on his face. Helen, here today with Sophie and Emma, also remembered dad’s smile and kindness – a genuine gentleman and…

… Sarah – our lifelong friend – said the same. Dad would always open the front door with a cheery welcoming smile. Sarah also remembered dad driving us to Italy for a holiday, dad trying to fit into mum’s yellow mini! and dad singing Gilbert and Sullivan around his house and hers! You’ll appreciate one of today’s musical tributes, Sarah, as will many others.

Cousin Bev summed dad up as “always such fun and so positive.” Cousin Julie too remembered him as “such fun” and she thought that he and mum made such a great team, which they absolutely did.

Claire shared many thoughtful memories – my favourite was that, once upon a time, she asked dad to pick up some crackers for Christmas Day hoping for some fun crackers with hats, jokes and puzzles and dad turned up with some Jacobs cream crackers!

It is particularly poignant that we are here today on Remembrance Day, as Phoebe’s favourite memory is of Granny and Grandad being at the St Giles Church in Totternhoe on Remembrance Sunday each year. As a cub and then as a scout, Phoebe remembered the ceremony surrounded by autumnal leaves – much as we might remember today.

Amelie remembers baking with dad every Tuesday after school while Adrian went to Pilates. Dad was renowned for his sweet tooth, so he would have loved that as much as Amelie.

Adrian’s fondest memory of dad is the two of them playing cricket for hours, and hours, and hours! Especially when we went caravanning to Stroud in Gloucestershire, where there was a lovely big field.

My first memory of dad was when some lads in Coombe Drive plonked me down in a tray of oil and I cried with my little dress ruined. He followed the assailants up the Downs and gave them a talking to that they would not forget. I knew then that he had my back, and the boys knew he had some front!

Andy’s and my most recent memory was when mum was in the Luton & Dunstable hospital in September and we received short notice that we could bring her home. We raced to pick dad up to go and collect her; we’ve never seen someone so excited about going to the L&D! He was going to get his beloved Verna back. And that’s our overriding memory – a family man who spent his life loving us and mum – and especially mum.

Mum remembers a lifetime of love, devotion, and fabulous company throughout the wonderful life that Adrian will describe next. Mum also remembers that dad’s last words to her were “love you”! And what better parting words could there be?

Thank you all for being with us today – in person or on-line – to remember John the husband, dad, grandad, brother, uncle, friend, and neighbour. Positive, interested, loyal, devoted, and funny.

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