Leslie Albert Henry Vinnels (5 Aug 1945 - 23 Aug 2019)

Funeral Service

Eltham Crematorium Crown Woods Way Eltham SE9 2AZ
24th Sep 2019
Funeral Director
F.A. Albin Welling

Our family is deeply saddened to inform you that Les Vinnels passed away peacefully at home on Friday 23rd August following a period of illness.

Les will be sadly missed by his sisters and brother, friends and extended family.

We are asking for donations in memory of Les to help with the creation of the new forget-me-knot garden that is being built as part of the Lawrence Ward, Medway hospital in their Macmillan cancer unit.

Les spent a lot of time in the Lawrence ward this year before he sadly passed away, so we would like to do something to directly help the ward and the other families that are going through the same difficult times.


We will also be having a reception from 12pm at the Westwood Centre, 168 Bellegrove Rd, Welling, DA16 3RD

Stuart Lively wrote

We miss les so much taught me so much when we went away great friend in and out of work had a great time on holiday with les and frank in Russia

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Jeff Charnock wrote

Met Les in 1973 in magaluf with his sister and mother shortly after his father had died. We have kept in touch ever since we been to Italy Majorca Miami Las Vegas Ibiza to mention a few . He spent lots of time with us during his time as a coach driver up north. Will be sadly missed x

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Simon Parsons wrote

Dear Les, thanks for all the memories.
You were always 'Mr Just-in-time', never managing to get that top button done up and almost always calm. Always great company, even just sitting not speaking.
You taught me simple things that will always stay with me and some bad habits too. Working with you was always enjoyable, easy going. You made it seem like you always had a firm grip on things, even though you barely seemed to put in any effort. You had the confidence and, irritatingly, you had the charm too.
Looking back now, it seems to me and to many you worked with you blurred the line between a mate and family. My abiding memory of you is sat driving, one hand on the wheel, one hand on your knee, the radio on quietly and your big smile, knowing the way.
Thanks, driver!

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Quite possibly the day Les learned why sometimes the GPS signal doesn't work indoors, along the lines of

Quite possibly the day Les learned why sometimes the GPS signal doesn't work indoors, along the lines of " Why does my phone think i'm still in Calais? I've just turned it back on again in the office..."

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