Stephanie Allen-Patel (13 Dec 1971 - 6 Jul 2023)

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Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium Main Rd, Stragglethorpe NG12 2PY
15th Jul 2023
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In loving memory of Stephanie Allen-Patel who sadly passed away on 6th July 2023.

Steph’s funeral will take place on Saturday 15th July at 11am, Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium, Main Road, Stragglethorpe NG12 2JZ followed by a reception at the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, Trent Bridge, Nottingham NG2 6AG (Parking is available at the Hound Road or Fox Road car parks). All are welcome.

Memorial donations in lieu of flowers can be given via the online link on this page. Hayward House is part of the Nottingham City Hospital campus and is where Steph spent her last few days surrounded by her family.

Sajid Mansuri lit a candle
Mudasir Lone wrote

I got shocked to learn about this tragic and disappointing news that one of my beloved and endearing mentor has had left this World suddenly.

I am literally in tears while writing these words over here. I have had inculcated tremendous respect, love and admiration for Steph and my other co mentors Clive,Phil and Saul over a period of seven years in the School of Pharmacy.

Steph has been my inspirational and motivational mentor both during my MRes and PhD studies. I give all credit
to Steph for being a significantly postive contributor to my advanced scientific learning, utilisation of ultra Scientific techniques research and development.

To myself Steph was a lovely personality, amazing academic and brilliant scientist. Her passing away has had left a big void in the scientific World which I believe would be a daunting task for anyone to fill in.

I would certainly miss you calling my name Mudasir in one of the most pleasing manners. My dear inspirational, respected, resolute and magnificent Professor Stephanie Allen I personally today missed you because of fondest memories I have had with you in your office. One such memory has been my first year PhD Poster which you thoroughly examined. Other one has been our joint photograph in Boots building which was taken after my Master's graduation

My sincere condolences to the family of Steph (her little son and her husband), the School of Pharmacy and the University of Nottingham. We have indeed lost a jewel.

I would pray God bless you Steph with all the best in the eternal world without any accountability.

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Mudasir Lone lit a candle
Mudasir Lone posted a picture
In the beloved memory of Respected, Resolute Marvel Professor Steph Allen with her Master and PhD student Mudasir Ahmad Lone in July 2009. I would miss you and your postive influence on myself!

In the beloved memory of Respected, Resolute Marvel Professor Steph Allen with her Master and PhD student Mudasir Ahmad Lone in July 2009. I would miss you and your postive influence on myself!

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Adele Horobin donated in memory of Stephanie

Rest in peace Steph

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Adele Horobin wrote

So sorry to hear this sad news. I first met Steph at the School of Pharmacy when I was a PhD student there. I was somewhat in awe of her and her highly technical work in Atomic Force Microscopy and so was a bit shy, even though she was always friendly and open. Lovely to have met her, Nikin and family again, years later, as our boys went to the same school as Dhani. Thinking of Nikin, Dhani and family at such a difficult time. Rest in peace Steph.

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Bowen Tian lit a candle
Simon Langley-Evans wrote

This is such sad news. I met with Steph many times for work in the Faculty. She was a lovely person- funny, perceptive and inspirational. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

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Sarah Greaves wrote

Such sad news. I saw how Steph inspired her colleagues and students and was so well regarded. Thoughts and best wishes to her friends and family. In peace. Sarah

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Wathiq Al-Hachami lit a candle
Claire Simpson wrote

So sad to hear of the untimely loss of Steph. I first remember Steph as a student in Pharmacy when working for one of her PhD supervisors, Martyn. She then became a colleague and worked a few offices down. I know how close Martyn, Phil and Clive were with Steph in the LBSA. Steph was always a happy friendly colleague and always had time for a chat. We shared many social occasions over the years and it was always nice to share her company over a glass of wine. Thoughts are with Nikin and Dhani at this difficult time.

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Karen Cook donated £125 in memory of Stephanie

With love and best wishes to David, Dorothy and the family on behalf of Barlow Singers

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Roman Duszynski donated £10 in memory of Stephanie

Such sad news, really shocked to hear this !

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Florence Keeton donated in memory of Stephanie
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Sue Kelsey wrote

So sorry to hear about Stephanie’s passing. Much of my childhood included Stephanie as the Allen’s house was my second home growing up, thanks to Katie, Steph’s sister. Many of my fondest memories are from that time and in many ways Stephanie was a big sister to me. Sending all my very best wishes at this difficult time to her family; Katie, David and Dorothy. And, although I never met you, Nikin and Dhani, my deepest condolences are with you.

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Zoe Wilson donated in memory of Stephanie

Steph gave so much to so many, it is so sad that she has been taken from us so prematurely, but her legacy will live on in everyone who has been touched by her life. My deepest condolences to her family.

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Phil Williams wrote

Some of the many things I have learnt from Steph in supporting students to do their best in writing and presenting, is to make a clear introduction, to tell a story, be interesting, and don’t ramble.

I’m sorry, Steph. I’m going to let you down.

I first remember Steph when she was an undergraduate student, and I was trying to demonstrate the use of an NMR spectrometer in a chemistry laboratory practical.

This practical centred around a particular chemical reaction – deuterating anthracene via the Grignard reaction.

As far as I remember, no one ever succeeded in getting this particular practical to work. Except Steph.

Her talent for chemistry was clear, undertaking a research project in the area and, after her pre-registration training year and registering as a pharmacist, came back to the School to interview to undertake a PhD in medicinal chemistry.

Fortunately for the world of biophysics, for me and many others, whilst touring the School, which of course she knew well, Steph was ushered into and shown the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis.

And following the full-on hard sell, decided to undertake her PhD in the lab under the supervision of Clive, Martyn and Saul.

Steph’s research was truly remarkable.

She defined new areas of investigation, making a significant impact in fundamental science; worked with industry to enable them to understand and develop new treatments; and inspired many to follow in her tracks.

Steph’s research focussed on understanding how nature works.

She did this by developing the ability to handle and manipulate individual molecules, and see (and feel) how they behave and interact with each other.

To give some sense of the incredible nature of her work, if one were put one million of these molecules side-by-side in a line, that line would be only one millimetre long.

And Steph would handle and study these things using techniques and methods that she developed; using effectively microscopic needles, or beams of laser light.

And unlike me, Steph could explain and talk about her work in a way that was so clear.

As an accomplished educator, she used a variety of methods to convey her science, including a series of hand gestures forming a sort of biophysics sign-language for atomic force spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and optical tweezers.

Many, many thousands of researchers across the globe have used Steph’s research to help theirs.

And they will continue to do so, citing her research papers that will live on in books and journals, on the shelves of libraries, and in on-line databases of publications.

And others will continue to progress the research that Steph has led.

Steph, however, wouldn’t like me to use words such as ‘led’. She always worked in collaboration with others; in the lab, in the School, across the Institution, across the world.

She was a cherished teammate for so many.

A month ago, Steph in one of these teams, heard she had been awarded over a million pounds to install the latest generation optical tweezer technology.

This state-of-the-art equipment will ensure her scientific legacy at Nottingham, and the continued training of the next generation biophysical scientists and PhDs.

Steph supervised over 60 students through their PhD studies.

There have been thousands of students who have benefitted from the teaching and educational leadership of Steph and who have graduated from the University and are now working across the globe, contributing to the healthcare and economy in their nations.

Steph’s outstanding contributions to the science, practice, and development of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science was recognized in 2018 by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in their award of a Fellowship for distinction in the Profession of Pharmacy.

As a way to remember and celebrate Steph’s achievements, the School of Pharmacy at Nottingham is to create a prize, the Stephanie Allen-Patel Prize for an Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy, which will be awarded each year to the person who most reflects the exceptional achievements, impact, and values of Steph.

Steph was always interested in what people were doing, what was concerning them, how she could help.

She knew I have an interest in cars, so when we talked, she would often ask about them, or what I was doing, or where I was going next.

She did this because she was interested in people, not because she was interested in cars.

She couldn’t have - at one point she had a bright yellow Fiat Cinquecento

(although she did later bomb around in a supercharged MINI Cooper S).

We indeed talked most days. Whether it was the discussion in the lab, at coffee or over lunch. Lockdown saw our regular Teams ‘chance for a coffee/tea/gin/whatever’ catch-ups.

Or it was the morning text-race to Wordle, or the evening debate about Strictly/The Voice/Eurovision/ or the Masked Singer (whatever that was! – that was Clive’s department).

My last email from Steph, only a few weeks ago, was to say that she understood how busy I was and that she wanted to know how she could help.

My last text from Steph was to ask about my recent trip to Dublin.

So, Steph answered many questions about nature and how things work.

How particular interactions between molecules ultimately causes myotonic dystrophy, how stem cells sense their physical environment, and how cells in our body may communicate with each other using a language of electricity.

There are a few things that she could not do:

Steph couldn’t do long division.

Nor could she convince me that Kimchi is, in fact, edible.

And Steph couldn’t answer the question of how someone so clever, so thoughtful, so considerate and kind, so beautiful and funny, could be taken away from us so soon.

Steph, you have improved the lives of countless, touched the hearts of many, and been a fabulous friend to me.

Thank you.

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  • Such a lovely eulogy. Brought tears to my eyes on Saturday. She was simply amazing, but so humble with her achievements. Nikin is my "original friend" but Steph was there with him for much of the time I've known him. Steph, you carry on playing Claire de lune. My fingers are too fat for that.

    Posted by Helen on 20/07/2023 Report abuse
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John Jex donated in memory of Stephanie

It’s been several years since I saw Stephanie but we grew up in the same town and were involved in many activities together. Apart from her interest in science, I will always remember her musical talent which was streets ahead of mine!

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Vimla Patel donated £301 in memory of Stephanie

Steph was always smiling and warm hearted. We were lucky to have her as part of our family. She will be sorely missed. May her soul rest in eternal peace love from Harish, Vimla, Alpa, Geeta, Nikesh and families

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Sarah Kujawinski donated £50 in memory of Stephanie
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Sarah Kujawinski wrote

We were so very sorry to hear of Steph's passing. I knew Steph being a fellow PhD student and became friends when my late ex-husband Konrad and I would go out with her and Nikin. Our friendship continued even though we moved back to Wales and grew as we had children. It was always a pleasure to stay with Steph, Nikin and Dhani when we did return to Nottingham. Steph was easily one of the best hostesses we have known, offering a warm and relaxing welcome and always lush food. Steph you will be very much missed and our hearts go out to Nikin and Dhani for their loss. Love Sarah, Caleb and Keziah Kujawinski xx

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Sarah Kujawinski posted a picture
Steph and a young Dhani on a visit to see myself, Konrad and our children in Wales

Steph and a young Dhani on a visit to see myself, Konrad and our children in Wales

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Usha Ladwa-thomas donated £20 in memory of Stephanie

My deepest sympathies for your loss . Stephanie was special and will remain so in many hearts. Love and hugs. . Usha

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Simon McGurk donated in memory of Stephanie
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