Elizabeth Ogbeta Imienwanrin (Passed away 14 Nov 2022)

Funeral Director

Our Lady of the Assumption Church Deptford High St Deptford SE8
15th Dec 2022
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Grove Park Cemetery Marvels Lane Grove Park S E12
15th Dec 2022


Elizabeth Ogbeta Imienwanrin was born in Calabar, Nigeria to Mr Monefe and Mrs Dorcas Abobo of Agbarha, Warri in the then Midwestern Region which later became Bendel State.

Following her father’s posting to Northern Nigeria, she attended St Michael’s school Kaduna for her primary education. Her father being a civil servant, the family moved around first to Ibadan and then to Warri in 1954. Elizabeth then continued at St Andrews Primary School run by the Christian Missionary Society. By 1961, she completed her secondary education at United College of Commerce (UCC) Warri. In 1969, she moved to Lagos and worked at the ministry of Defence from where she went to the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi to study Secretarial Studies. She thereafter worked at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) as Secretary to the Provost, College of Medicine.

Elizabeth met her husband Austin while working in Benin. They got married under the traditional law and custom in Benin City and later she proceeded to the UK where they got married at the Our Lady of The Assumption Catholic Church, Deptford, UK. They both are blessed with three children.
In the UK, Elizabeth worked as a Secretary at the Southampton General Hospital. The family went back to Nigeria for a short while and then returned to the UK in 1982, where Elizabeth continued working and eventually ended her career as a secretary at Ernst and Young.

She was very versatile. She qualified as a Secretary at the prestigious Garnet College. She also qualified as a Teacher and a Baker. She was very much family oriented. She looked after most of her nephews and nieces at various times. Very caring and bold, she faced off the combatants in the Nigerian civil war to feed those who were in hiding from the Biafran army at grave risk to her own life. Her home in the UK was regarded by many as the “London HQ”, an accolade bestowed on her by Mr Mike Omu her nephew-in-law. Generally regarded as the most fun of all her siblings, she was also very independent, knowing her own mind and making everyone laugh.

She was a devout Christian who served the Lord and never failed to inspire others with her faith. She leaves behind, her husband Dr Austin Imienwanrin; children: Ohioma, Emi and Uduehi; grandchildren Micah, Emi-Marie, and Sienna-Rae as well as her sisters, brother, nephews, nieces and extended family members.

mrs Onyeji lit a candle
Sade Akpore-Shepherd posted a picture
Aunty, I will always remember you by your gentle and kind presence and that beautiful smile. I am so grateful for our last visit to the UK and will forever treasure the time spent with you. You will be missed. RIHP.  💕Sade Akpore-Shepherd (great niece)

Aunty, I will always remember you by your gentle and kind presence and that beautiful smile. I am so grateful for our last visit to the UK and will forever treasure the time spent with you. You will be missed. RIHP. 💕Sade Akpore-Shepherd (great niece)

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May her Gentle Soul Rest Peacefully In The Bossom Of The Lord And May God Almighty Wrap His Comforting Arm Round All The Family Members She Left Behind In Jesus Christ's Mighty Name, Amen. OR wrote

Daddy Austin Ross Imienwanrin, May The Grace Of The Lord Be Sufficient For You To Bear This Loss,Amen. Be Encouraged Sir.

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Flora Obasuyi lit a candle
Silvia Lorenzo wrote

It was a privilege to meet her and be witness of her faith, she always was ready to give encouragement at any situation and comfort, Elizabeth will be missed but we know with certainty that she is with our Lord
Comfort and peace for her family ..

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Silvia Lorenzo lit a candle
Esther Oyebode wrote

My beloved sister, what can say than to thank God for the life He has allowed you to live. You have fulfilled what you are sent to this world to do and He that sent you has gone through it with you and He said,come home and you have answered His call. So sister rest on in the bosom of your maker.You be missed by all. Good night.

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Rosemary Abu wrote

Dear Sister inlaw,May your Gentle Soul continue to rest in the Bosom of Almighty God. We Love you, we miss you but God Loves you More.
We Pray God to continue to console and comfort the family you left behind.
We Pray you enjoy the Bliss and Glory of Heaven. Adieu.

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John Unuigboje wrote

We do not know how to come to terms with the fact that you are gone. Words cannot describe the loss we feel saying farewell to you.

Your simplicity, care, and smiles are unique qualities that bring people from different walks of life closer to you.

Your love and care for our family will ever be remembered. You were a sister, friend, and mother to us.

You may have left us, but your memories never will. May your soul rest in peace, amen. Our deepest condolences to your family.

Mr & Mrs John Unuigboje & family

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Omua Imienwarin lit a candle
Omua Imienwarin wrote

Hmmm.....am speech because I was not opportuned to have met a good and virtuous woman like you,but for everything there’s a season,and a time to every purpose under heaven.
The life of one we love is never lost, because it’s iinfluence goes on through all the lives it ever touched.
Ma, may the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sunshine warm your beautiful face
May God hold you in the palm of His hand, till we meet and never depart.
May your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy God Rest In Peace 🙏
Omua Imienwanrin

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Joshua and Virginia Efue wrote

Words of mount could not express our shock when we learnt about the passing on to glory of our sister in the Lord Mrs Elizabeth Imiewarin. We have known the Imiewarin's family for over 38years and ever since then we have been very close family friends. Elizabeth was a firm believer in God. She introduced us first to a church in North London and later to Deeper Life Bible Church.
Elizabeth had a very caring attitude. Whenever we met or phoned she will always ask about every member of our family.
We will surely miss Elizabeth's infectious smile and her very gentle manner of speaking.
Our hearts Hurt for all the members of the Imiewarin's family.
May the Lord strength and comfort you all.
Joshua and Virginia Efue.

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Tina Ukaegbu lit a candle
Michelle Boyd lit a candle
Obafemi Abiola-Oloke wrote

Dear Aunty Ogbeta,
We thank God for your life. You were truly a Light, Treasure, and Joy as a mother, wife, aunty, and beloved friend to many. You will truly be missed. Peace be with you in eternal Paradise with the Lord. God bless your soul.
Obafemi Abiola-Oloke

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Claire Ojoh wrote

Aunty Ogbeta was such a caring person. Whenever we went to see her, Aunty always asked about the journey made sure that everyone was well fed. She offered food so much to the point that you knew you had to take more so she could be at ease knowing you ate the amount she wanted you to have eaten.
Without fail every year, Aunty Ogbeta and Uncle Austin sent Kevwe and I birthday cards and would always call along with Uncle to speak to us on our birthday.
As if that wasn’t enough, she would gift us with even more presents during Christmas and always wanted to know how we were finding school and what we were studying.
There will simply be no one like Aunty Ogbeta, she was so caring, so kind and selfless. We will miss her endlessly, but we will always keep her in our hearts and in our prayers.
Claire Ojoh

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Claudia Ojoh wrote

Aunty Ogbeta was a wonderful person, who always went out of her way to look after everyone, and always spoiled my sister, all of the cousins, and myself with love.
I will never forget each birthday my sister and I had, where Aunty and Uncle Austin would send us birthday cards without fail, which is what we always looked forward to.
She was always smiling and spread her happiness to all she spoke to, and always knew the right things to say to cheer you up; I just couldn't stay upset when talking with her.
I will always treasure the Christmases spent at her and Uncle Austin's house, it won't be the same without her.
She will be greatly missed and will continue to be loved by everyone
Claudia Ojoh

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Tega Abobo wrote

In loving memory of my Aunt Ogbeta.
Your life to us was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond what words could truly describe and you’ll be missed.
You left us with so many wonderful memories for which you’d always be remembered.
My children and I will miss the joyous Christmas celebrations we always have at your home together with other members of the family.
May God Almighty grant your soul eternal rest.
Tega Abobo (Nephew)

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Noma Osagie wrote

Dear aunty,
Writing you a tribute is definitely not an issue. Rather it's the time that is. Not now, never even crossed my mind that it would be now. But then, who can fathom the ways of the Almighty?
You were a very dear aunt, exasperatingly stubborn, mischievous, with a good sense of humour. You always liked to hear stories that would humour you and give you a good laugh.
You were undisputedly a woman with a good heart - very kind, caring giving and motherly.
Every day I see things, here and there that remind me of you - things you gave me. All one had to do, was say - aunty your chain is lovely....and the next day or week or at the next birthday or Christmas it would appear as a present.
You were a second mother to us all. You genuinely cared for your nieces and nephews. You looked after and nurtured many of us as children and even in adulthood. I remember how you would always come upstairs to make sure my windows were shut in winter because you found out I wasn't shutting them and would plead with me to shut them when I stubbornly refused to.
These and many more are the pleasant memories that make you evergreen in my mind.
Indeed, o death, where is thy sting.
Rest on aunty in the bosom of the Lord, where you rightly belong.
To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die.
Much love, aunty and God bless you real good xxxx.
From Noma (Niece)

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Newman Akpore wrote

I can remember way back in the mid to late 70’s when I came to know my "Aunty Ogbeta" in Benin. She always had a smile that was peculiar with her amongst all my aunties, her sisters...
In the early 80’s, we spent more time together and I remember she always helped me with my homework and my dad would always say to her, "Ogbes where your load?" And she would just smile in return...
Though I did not know the reason nor the meaning of the phrase, (Ogbes where your load?) I grew up always telling her on the phone or whenever we met which became rare as life had moved all of us to various parts of the world the same thing I heard was as a little boy.
Anytime I saw her or spoke to her, I would yell, Ogbes where your load?? And she would reply, "you be part of the load"... And she would always back it up with her signature smile. She would always ask after my well-being and never missed asking me... "You don Chop???" Or "Wetin you go chop??"...
You were so welcoming we all made your home our residence whenever we came into the U.K. even without prior notice to you, and you were always welcoming with a smile.
It is sad I will no longer have my ever-smiling aunty to tease, and laugh with, as we always did whenever we hung out together talking about the past.
Aunty, we will always have you in our hearts, and remember all the good times and memories you made for us. All the care and love you showed to me and very many more in and out of the family cannot and will not be forgotten.
Love Always
Newman Akpore

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Linda Osagie wrote

Dear Aunt Ogbes as you are fondly called by us, thank you for the support you gave me when I had Anthony hence it was easy for me to reciprocate that to Emi. We will miss you at our Christmas gathering. And I will miss my chats with you. May your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus Name Amen.
Linda Osagie

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Solomon Osagie wrote

Dearest Aunty - your passing is a most painful loss. A favourite to all your nephews and nieces, funny, mischievous and always there for everyone at the London HQ. So many stories, so many jokes, so many memories. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you. It’s time to rest now, so rest in peace and God bless.
Solomon, Linda, Anthony and Serena

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Amaka Ojoh wrote

My first meeting with aunt Ogbeta was over 20 years ago. A beautiful woman with a beaming smile. Her love, kindness and care are immeasurable. She was always thoughtful of others and full of giving. Aunty will be truly missed. To Uncle Austin, Ohioma, Emi, Uduehi and to all the family affected by this loss, take heart and be consoled knowing that Aunty is now at rest. May her soul rest in peace, Amen.
Amaka Ojoh.

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Evi Ojoh wrote

From infancy she nurtured me, fed me and cradled me, she tended to my wees and cries unrelenting am told. Months on-end she cradled me, I got used to her smell, and the sound of her comforting voice am told.
My 1st mum I call her and my bestie for that matter.
On the return of my birth mum from grad school, it took enormous effort to pry me away from my 1st mum as she was all I was used to both sound and smell.
She'd remain my mum all through my growing days, she’d do no wrong in my eyes, her words to me were sacred, her smiles always captivating. Always smiling to me as she'd always pronounce my name differently Eviiii...with a drag to it. I wouldn't let tears mess up my good memories of you.
You got me my 1st gold plated wristwatch when I turned 18. I couldn't do much for you in return as you never worried for anything.
I saw a final picture of you while you were resting peaceful, I wish I was there to hold your hand and to kiss your forehead whilst I said my final goodbyes. I know you're now at peace and you'd continue to watch over us as you rest in our Lord's bosom, your words, your smile will always be in my heart, always and for always.

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Zino Abiola-Oloke wrote

Aunty Ogbeta,
It's difficult to talk about my life without mentioning you. Aside from being a loving Aunty, you were a dependable ally. You played some unforgettable roles in key milestones in my life. My dress sense in the early days of my career in the bank had your inspiration. You were a fashionista, with an understated vintage class. You had very good taste and admired quality. Your love for God was undaunting and you were very zealous to spread the gospel all over the World. You were so loving and compassionate. We cannot forget your unparalleled hospitality, and your delicious meals remain savory memories. Your sense of humor and hearty laughter were infectious.
Under your humility was a fearless Lioness. You spoke your mind warmly but firmly and a voice for the underdog. I recall memories of stories told by your sisters; how as a child, you would sometimes declare a self-observed strike. On such days, you would refuse to do any house chores and climb up the tree in the compound so no one could reach you. Who dared to bring the Lioness down from the tree?
Aunty, e don tey when you dey fight. And you fought a very good fight till the end, the courageous Lioness that you were. You won the battle as Apostle Paul said in Phil:1 21; “To live is Christ, to die is gain”
Heaven has gained a soul. Rest in peace Ogbes!
Zino Abiola-Oloke (Née OJOH)

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Flora Obasuyi wrote

Aunty Ogbes as I always call you.
I cannot say I never expected this to happen. I was always wanting to hear you are back on your feet and well, but I got the news you were gone.
Death is inevitable. As mortals, it is always painful to experience the death of a loved one. It is even more painful that your demise has left a void no one else can ever fill.
Your accommodating and hospitable nature is one that is worthy of emulation.
Your love for your children is second to none. You raised them with love, you taught them likewise, and you touched the lives of many as well. You will indeed be greatly missed.
You were compassionate and cheering. Always laughing. A firm believer in God and in the work of God. I miss your laughter.
Aunty Ogbes, you were courageous and straight forward hence we became friends.
TO....Uncle Austin, Ohioma, Emi, Uduehi, and the grandchildren. She was an incredible wife, mother, and grandmother. She has fought the good fight of faith. She has run her race. She has gone to rest.
Be rest assured that the Lord God Almighty will take care of you and will be there for you. He will grant you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and move on in life.
I pray that everyone who experienced her holds tenaciously to her inspirational values and virtues that promote love and unity.
Sleep on and continue to rest in peace.
Mama Osaze

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Mike Omu wrote

I am trying to come terms with the reality of your departure from this mortal world. The reality is just dawning on my subconscious mind that there’s now a void in London where I have regarded as home away from home for the past 38 years. Auntie I lack words to describe how you took to me when you came to Papa Agbassa’s funeral with your smile which I got to realize later was a trademark peculiar to you. I can’t forget you taking your niece who was my fiancé and I with Ohioma and Emi to the famous Trafalgar Square. The photos we took that day are now a memorial which I will always cherish. Your hospitality was equal to none, and I enjoyed your culinary delights over the years.
As a dutiful wife, I never saw you argue with Uncle Austin. No wonder Uncle summoned so much courage in facing the challenges your health posed. Your marriage was a typical one referred to as made in heaven. Both of you were role models and we learnt a lot from you. You touched our lives positively and for this I remain ever grateful for our paths that crossed.
Auntie may Heaven accept your soul! London stopover can’t be the same again!!!
Mike Omu

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Stellamaris Omu wrote

I do not know how to write a tribute for my aunt, Elizabeth Ogbeta Imienwanrin (née Abobo), but I believe I should first give thanks to God almighty for a beautiful life of service that she lived in Christ Jesus our lord!
It is now difficult to write about her in the past tense.
I knew her all my life. an amiable woman, beautiful, caring, loving, hardworking; she was firm and exemplary. She brooked no nonsense, no matter whose ox was gored. a disciplinarian with the fear of God.
A praying woman, wife and mother. She shared all she had no matter who it was. she was very supportive to family, friends, and neighbours.
Her culinary skills were exceptional, a great homemaker.
She knew when to make light of any tense atmosphere. She loved to share jokes and laughed so deeply that it spread across everyone.
Aunty would give a name to you based on any profound incidence around your person and would make it endearing.
She was an encourager with great smiles, charm, and humour.
Her home was a welcome space for all. She was indeed the typical proverbs 31:10-31 woman.
She had a zeal to spread the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.
I believe she did the utmost as the Lord gave her the ability to do. I knew her as a strong woman and was indeed until she took ill.
Aunty Ogbeta, you indeed fought a good fight. I thank God, I saw you. I thank God you gave that smile. I thank God for the clasp of our hands in fellowship. I thank God that you have gone to rest with your maker.
Continue to rest well until the resurrection morning.

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Edirin Otomewo wrote


Friendship transcends death; memories made will never be forgotten and created a lasting impression on those they left behind; everyone became a better person for having such a wonderful friend, the best friend knows that they were loved for who they were in life and will be remembered for their heart in their death.

The bond between you and I is beyond the mortal world, I can still feel you with me every day, helping me make it through, you are always by my side and yours forever. They say cousin are family we choose, being chosen was the greatest moment of my life and when you passed, to me it was the worst moment of life........

Goodbye my love!

From Mrs. Edirin Otomewo (née Obiomah)

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Anthonia Aruya wrote

Proverbs 31vs10 -11 ‘’An excellent woman (One who is spiritual, capable, intelligent and virtuous) who is he who can find her? Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls. The heart of her husband trusts in her (with secure confidence)’’
The scripture above aptly summarises who mummy really was to family, friends, and even the passer-by on the streets. She is always ready with her smile to make everyone feel at ease with her.
Mummy London as we (my side of the family) called her was a very loving, committed, accommodating, and God-loving woman. Looking down memory lane, I remember the second time I saw her when she came visiting us at our school in Nigeria with that infectious smile plastered on her face. I clearly remember when it was time for my friends and I to jointly eat the home cooked meals, initially we started with jollof rice and plantain which was the usual preference, after tasting the Eba and Ogbono soup with all the assorted meat in it, everybody abandoned the different variants of rice and descended on the Eba and Ogbono soup to such an extent that it is still being referred today in our reminiscence of the good old days as the famous Eba and Ogbono soup cooked with so much love by mummy London.
What can I say about the times we shared around the kitchen table where we would discuss everything and anything especially the bible and messages from preachers around the world always make reference to the faithfulness and love of God to mankind. She would take time to ask about members of the family, smiling and saying “Ántho’’ intermittently with a smile.
You have been a mother to me as far as I can remember, you were quick to know when one is troubled and to offer wise counsel without meddling. You were the proverbial Mustard seed that grew so large and became a shelter for all. Your large heart was an example for all to emulate filled with so much love and warmth.
Your personal relationship with God exemplified by how you diligently studied your bible and communed with ABBA on the dining table constantly was an example of Christian love and virtue that always reminded one on the need to be steadfast in serving the master no matter the odds.
It is difficult to think that you have gone the way of man to be with the Lord.
REST IN THE BOSSOM OF THE LORD until the resurrection morning when we shall see Him as He is and be like Him
Anthonia Aruya

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