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The Arbory Trust Woodland Burial Ground


CB23 7BN

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About Us

The Arbory Trust Woodland Burial Ground is a natural burial site which was open in 2000 to cater to bereaved families across Cambridgeshire. Situated in Barton, the site is often referred to as Barton Glebe - the graves blend into the surrounding native woodland trees and are allowed to slowly become part of the meadow or glades with time.

Single or double depth burial or ashes plots can be purchased in advance at the Arbory Trust.

Eco friendly coffins and shrouds are a must, and can be made from natural materials including bamboo, pine, willow, cotton, jute, linen and cardboard. A wooden plaque can be used to mark the grave, and a list of plaque makers can be recommended by staff. Cut flowers free from artificial material including plastic, ribbons and packaging may be placed on the grave.

There is a Lodge at Barton which can seat up to 90 people and be booked in advance for a reception. The Lodge can be decorated according to the family’s wishes but should be tidied after the service. Audio-visual equipment for funerals, including data projectors, electric keyboards, video recorders and photographic display boards can be arranged, but these need to be discussed with the site administrator beforehand. In-house catering can be arranged on request. Toilets and parking facilities are available at the premises.

The family may bring photos and mementos to decorate the Lodge but these must be brought as early as possible on the day and collected after promptly. The chairs may be moved into a circle for a Quaker service but must be replaced afterwards. Families can record details and memories of the person who has died in a memorial book which is available for viewing at The Lodge.

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