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Markfield Natural Burial Ground


LE67 9TB

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About Us

Markfield Natural Burial Ground in Markfield, Leicestershire, offers green burials for families who are looking to arrange a green funeral in Leicestershire.

The nature reserve and woodland burial site is an idyllic space in the rural countryside catering to the local community in Markfield and surrounding regions. The burial ground has diverse variety of native trees such as poplar, field maple, oak, sweet cherry, holly, crab apple, privet and alder, as well as different species of birds, insects and small mammals, which add to the beauty of the natural environment.

Families are free to organise any kind of service or celebration, whether this is a private ceremony, a traditional burial or none at all. It is not necessary to have a minister or member of the clergy lead the funeral. Some families prefer a Humanist celebrant, while others want it to be led by close family or friends.

Every grave is marked by a native tree or woodland wildflower which is local to the area. However, those who would like some other form of marker will be allowed to erect a engraved granite plaque which needs to be purchased from Markfield.

Coffins, shrouds and urns should be made from renewable, natural materials - wool, willow, cardboard, linen and cotton are acceptable. Personal belongings may be buried along with the person as long as they are biodegradable.

The staff at Markfield are happy to offer caring support and advice to help you plan all aspects of the funeral. They recommend using a funeral director to help with funeral arrangements and will be able to share details of local funeral directors who can provide assistance. Get in touch with the team to arrange an appointment to view the premises, purchase a plot or to discuss green funeral arrangements.

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