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Everything you need to know about Funeral Guide’s online obituary service

Last updated: 29 November 2022

Funeral Guide Obituaries are a free service, provided through your funeral director, which allows you to share memories of your loved one online.

If your funeral director is one of the many working with Funeral Guide, you will be able to access a dedicated obituary page where mourners can write messages, share photos or light virtual candles to show they are thinking of your loved one.

The advantage to a Funeral Guide Obituary is that they are fully moderated and completely secure, unlike social media sites such as Facebook. This means friends and family can safely and securely leave lasting tributes to their loved one online.

The Donation Tool

The Funeral Guide Obituary also allows you to raise money for a charity of your choice in memory of your loved one.

Funeral Guide's partnership with JustGiving makes the process of donating money streamlined and easy to understand, and enables Gift Aid of 25% to be added to donations.

In this way Funeral Guide Obituaries allow the bereaved to easily direct mourners to the specific charities they would like donations to be made to and provide them with a direct link to make a payment online. You can see the total amount raised in the top right-hand corner of the obituary page.

The Funeral Organiser

Integrated with the Funeral Guide Obituary is the Funeral Organiser. This handy tool helps the bereaved make sense of all the administrative tasks involved in saying farewell to a loved one, with a simple, easy-to-read checklist.

The organiser also lets you keep track of who has confirmed their attendance at the funeral. The bereaved can announce funeral details on the online obituary page, making it easy for all mourners to find out the time and place, and mourners can confirm they will be attending. They can also access Google Maps straight from the obituary page, making finding the funeral easy and stress-free.

You can search Funeral Guide for a recent obituary by either name or location.

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