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Funeral Hymns

A collection of popular and uplifting hymns for funerals

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Browse a selection of popular funeral hymns to sing during your loved one’s funeral service. These Christian hymns for funerals are among the top funeral songs and can provide a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Including Catholic hymns, Baptist hymns, and traditional funeral songs, this funeral hymns list can give you inspiration for a loved one’s funeral or memorial service. Some hymns have lyrics about saying goodbye to loved ones and finding peace after death, while other are more general songs of praise and worship. Both are acceptable and popular choices for funeral hymns.

As well as traditional religious funeral songs, there are happy, uplifting hymns for funerals to suit the personality and beliefs of your loved one.

Hymns are a common part of the funeral service across many different denominations of Christianity. If a particular hymn held special meaning for you or your loved one, but you do not want a traditional religious ceremony, you can still include hymns in the funeral service.

How many hymns are sung at a funeral can depend on the type of service and the preferences of the family. Usually, Christian funeral services include at least two hymns, one near the beginning of the service and one near the end. You can talk to your funeral director or the minister conducting the service to further discuss the order of service and how many funeral hymns you can include.

You can start with the list of the most popular funeral hymns, or browse hymns alphabetically. Click on a title to see the lyrics in full and download a PDF of the words.

Once you have chosen one or more funeral hymns for your loved one’s funeral, speak to your funeral director or the minister or celebrant leading the service. They will be able to help you plan the order of service to include the hymns you have chosen.

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