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Breakspear Crematorium


Breakspear Road

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About Us

Breakspear Crematorium, in a Green Belt area between Ruislip and Northwood in the London borough of Hillingdon, was built in 1957. It was extended in 1972 with the construction of a second chapel.

The 26-acre grounds, surrounded by fields and woodland, incorporate natural planting and formal gardens. A range of different memorials to commemorate a loved one are available, including a Book of Remembrance, columbarium niches, wall plates, memorial benches, trees, shrubs and remembrance roses.

There is a dedicated area in the grounds for scattering ashes and the location of the scattering is recorded so that families can be commemorated in the same place.

Services at Breakspear Crematorium are 30 minutes, but longer times can be booked in advance. It can be arranged to keep the coffin on view until after the mourners have left the chapel to view the floral tributes on the flower terrace.

The chapels are interdenominational and can provide services for any faith. Secular services, for which the religious artefacts can be removed, are also available. It is possible to arrange committal-only, if families prefer to have the service at a different place of worship.

The east and west chapels can both accommodate 80 mourners. The north chapel provides overflow seating for an additional 130 people, with services screened from the west chapel.

Music can be played via an electronic organ, music system or on CDs. All chapels are equipped with hearing loops.

Breakspear Crematorium want the family and friends of the person who has died to have complete freedom of choice in the words and music that they use to commemorate their loved one.

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