John G Teall (2 Jun 1927 - 15 May 2015)

St Andrew's Church Elm Road Sherborne St John RG24 9JL
24th Jun 2015
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In loving memory of the late Dr John Graham Teall who sadly passed away on at home on 15th May 2015. Beloved husband of Marie, much loved father of Nicholas, Jeremy and Jane, Grandfather of Benjamin, Sophie and William.

A Service of Thanksgiving will take place at St Andrews Church, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 9HT at 2.45 pm on Wednesday 24th June 2015. You are warmly invited to join us for the service and for tea afterwards at the Sherborne St John Village Hall.

The family request no flowers but donations in John’s memory can be made to:

a) Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) ( Medical aid to save lives by providing it where it is needed most in the short and long term. ‘Independent. Neutral. Impartial’.


b) Ark Medical Trust ( The Ark provides a medical education centre, based in Basingstoke but attracting delegates from around the world.


c) International Musicians Seminar (IMS) Prussia Cove ( IMS host musical seminars twice a year in Cornwall’s Prussia Cove, nurturing connections between musicians.

Donations can either be made at the service or sent to:

Spencer & Peyton (Funeral Directors)
380 Worting Road,
Hants, RG22 5DZ (Cheques should be made payable to Spencer & Peyton).

Karen Arrandale wrote

We were desolated to hear of John's death. His deep and solid goodness, his love and delight in music, in people and in life itself was a joy and a privilege to witness, while his company was the best imaginable; his positive and joyful spirit such fun to be with, his immense knowledge and understanding lightly worn but there on tap. I can't begin to express how much we shall miss him.

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Hilary Tunstall-Behrens wrote

The IMS helped John to fulfil one of his many qualities, his absolute requirement to listen to music, hear it and watch it being played, and to experience the ways and means through which ensembles prepare for performance.

John came down to attend the Seminars over many years of his retirement. In Porth-en-Alls House John loved studying the schedules of rehearsals and the Master Classes and finding the rooms where a particular composer’s works of his choice were being studied, or certain musicians playing whom he had known and seen develop over the years.

On the other hand John played a role in the IMS. From the first Seminar in 1972 the community contained besides the musicians, children of the Maestri or helpers’ families and at the head of the whole range of ages an Elder Figure who came to listen and encourage. In the first place it was Lady Mary Verney’s older cousin a good amateur violinist and a walking book on musical matters and knowledge. ( He also made it his hobby sometime every day to wander off up the valley to cut the twining ivy creepers off the trees bearing with him a rather frightening heavy sharp axe).

The community at the Seminar have from the first always a wide representation of the whole span of ages so that while the musical aims and performances were going ahead, it was always in this context where all ages are present, and John filled the important role of being the much revered oldest person.

We will miss John, his friendship his learning and constant discussion of chamber works of both the great and much lesser known composers. Gerald Finzi was one in particular whose works he sought out for our sheet music library.

I am sure also that he would have looked into Widor’s chamber works, the quite unknown piano quintets and quartets and trios , hardly ever to be heard these days in concert, but would probably have decided they did not merit reviving. However the work played as a voluntary at the end of his Memorial Service in Sherborne St Andrew, (the church crammed full) , was one of Widor’s massive organ sonatas, and everybody instead of leaving stood and remained entranced and finally clapped the organist. As virtuoso organist he is a renowned composer of works for the organ.

John was a very dear person whom we will always remember with respect and love.

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Judi Barrett wrote

Those of us who help with the IMS concerts in Cornwall will miss John's visits very much. He was always cheerful, courteous and so interested in everything that was going on. There was never a word of complaint although the loss of his sight must have made life very difficult. He was always more concerned in case he was causing a problem for others which he never did. A good, kind man. May he rest in peace.

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Jonathan Gaisman wrote

It was such a privilege to have known John, and to have been able to share so many weeks at IMS Prussia Cove with him over the years.His openness to the music and the musicians, his joy in young people, his exemplary manners, his generosity, his complete lack of concern for himself - and latterly his courage in negotiating the various topographical hazards of Porth-en-Alls house and garden - made him a role model for us all. He was a very popular person to sit next to at lunch or dinner (coincidentally never far from the bar) simply because his conversation was so good: knowledgeable; dryly witty, self-deprecating, curious. He was an all-round Top Man. It will feel very peculiar indeed without him, and we will remember him with many smiles and deep affection.

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Steven Isserlis wrote

So very sad to hear of John's passing. He was such a wonderful, kind, generous man. He didn't seem to have any trace of bitterness in him, despite the appalling story behind his blindness. Always impeccably dressed, the soul of courtesy and charm, he was an inspiration for us all at IMS Prussia Cove. We shall miss him dreadfully. Love to all the family.

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