Terry Moran (12 Sep 1932 - 31 Oct 2018)

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27th Nov 2018

In loving memory of Terence Moran who sadly passed away on 31st October 2018

When Nan would pass the telephone over to Grandad she would always say “say hello Grandad”…and that would be exactly what he would say… “Hello Grandad.”

I will miss our chats, you asking me if mum was still cleaning the big rock (Uluru) for a living, and reminiscing of your memories of living in Australia, we last spoke about the penguins at Philip Island and how you would be able to get really close, to see them all coming in from the water.

I will forever miss our chats, but what I will miss more is snuggling up on your lap, always with my head to your left ear otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear anything, but I will miss your awkward and tight hugs and bristly firm kisses the most though.

I remember when I visited last, I was getting nervous about the flight home because of the aeroplane disappearances, and I asked Grandad what he would do if my plane didn’t make it home…He paused and then he looked at me and simply and softly said, “we will be sad for a while, but life would keep moving on” and to be honest I think he was actually telling me what we needed to do when he wouldn’t be around anymore. Be sad for a while but, for us to keep living our lives and treasure the memories we shared together.

You were my Gan-Gar, and I love you so much, and I miss you so terribly, but I like to think that you are up there in the clouds on the comfiest chair, fast asleep with a book laid open on your chest.
Until we meet again Grandad x
(Ellie - Granddaughter)

As many of you know, my grandfather was one of the greats.
A great sense of humour, a great cheesy grin, a great heart. He was, and still is, in his entirety a great man.

He was my favourite quiet place, my solace when the world got a bit too sharply edged, my truth when life was unclear and sometimes even a little unfair.

Perhaps it is the mission of a loving grandfather to instill his granddaughter with so much faith and belief in herself that mountains can become molehills. If I’m right, what an accomplished man he was.

Frederich Nietzsche once said “and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”, well I hear you loud and clear now. You will be with me always as I venture through this whirlwind called life.

Thank you for the soundtrack.
I love you, I miss you and I hope you have peace. Forever
yours, Hannah.

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