Sylvia Ghaleb (11 May 1941 - 3 Oct 2014)

Sandwell Valley Crematorium Newton Road West Bromwich B71 3SX
28th Oct 2014
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In loving memory of the late Sylvia Ghaleb who sadly passed away on 3rd October 2014

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emma marshall wrote

MY MEMORIES OF YOU: Nanny Sylvia, you will always be missed so much, especially by me Emma (your first grandchild).
I REMEMBER: Every single weekend without fail when i was a little girl, you used to look after me from friday till sunday......
I REMEMBER: Counting down the days all week until friday so that i could come and be with my favourite nan for the weekend.....
I REMEMBER: Crying and fighting my dad when he would come to collect me on saunday evening because i wanted to stay with you forever......
I REMEMBER: You and Grandad John(r.i.p) would spoil me rotten and your house was my favourite place in the world because it was filled with love and laughter.......
I REMEMBER: You used to always leave me to fall to sleep next to you on the sofa, which i loved because at home i was made to go to bed at a certain time.
I would pretend that i had fallen asleep just so that Grandad John would carry me upstairs to bed and you would both tuck me in and kiss me goodnight.....
I REMEMBER: One night you had to work a night shift and i kept Grandad John up all night because i had a tooth ache...... Bless him, he heldme in his arms the whole night untill the early hours as i cried for my Nanny Sylvia.....
I REMEMBER: You both had a way of making me feel better when i was hurt or upset and..........
I REMEMBER: Both of you with nothing but love to give and i will always hold you in a special place in my heart along with all of my most cherished memories of you..............
With love always and forever...... xxx Emma xxx

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