Christiana Konadu Kyekyire (30 Dec 1947 - 2 Dec 2023)

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Sacred Heart Catholic Church 2 Knatchbull Road Camberwell SE5 9QS
22nd Feb 2024
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Camberwell New Cemetery Brenchley Gardens London SE23 3RD
22nd Feb 2024


"Embraced Faith, Family and Career; Humble Leadership, Pioneered Change with Grace, Love and Peace; Nurtured Generations and Built Legacies"

In the bustling streets of Narkwa, a town located in the Ekumfi District of Central Region, Ghana where dreams whispered in the wind, Christiana K. Kyekyire became a resident and a living symphony of resilience, determination and triumph. This story unravels the tapestry of Christiana's life woven through the threads of passion, and extraordinary moments that define a legacy.
Christiana's journey unfolded against the backdrop of humble beginnings, born to parents of Opanyin Kwadwo Addai, the eldest son of Nana Yaw Tontoh of the Chirapatre Royal Family, Ashanti Region and Madam Dorcas Araba Aidoo of Narkwa.

HER NEW HOME - When Christiana's father passed on, her father's junior brother, Michael Kofi Kyekyire and wife Madam Josephine Akosua Addae took custody of her and she lived with them and their children in Fante New Town, Kumasi. They raised her in Catholicism- a faith she believed so much in and practiced fervently and wholeheartedly, and ensure she got the best education, at the time.

HER EDUCATION - Christiana started school at the Roman Catholic Girls School in Mbrom, Kumasi. At the very early-stage Christiana had a strong desire to help sick people. When she completed her elementary education, decided to pursue a career in healthcare. Under the mentorship of the then Bishop Peter Sarpong, Christiana enrolled at the St. Patrick's Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Maase - Offinso, Ashanti Region. She successfully completed her midwifery training with flying colours and became a registered midwife. She also engaged in community service during her training course. Her passion for community service and vision for quality of lives for women during childbirth, became her guiding force.
This paved the way for career excellence, setting the stage for a future marked by compassion, leadership achievements, relentless pursuit of a purpose-driven legacy.

HER FAMILY BLESSINGS- In 1970, she met and married her spouse, Mr. Barnabas Kofi Bintoh (deceased) a Lawyer from Kotei, Kumasi and they started their family. God blessed them with beautiful children.

HER CAREER – After having two children, Christiana decided to then pursue her dream career- to run her own private clinic and become the best midwife. A dream that became a reality. In 1975, she found the perfect opportunity, when the then Mrs. Susan Lomotey's maternity clinic in Mbrom became available. She took over the clinic and called the facility, Providence Maternity Home. She managed facility exceptionally, serving a large suburban community in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, until 1992.
In 1982, she became a member of the Ghana Midwives Association- a membership that set her on the path of tremendous exposure and success. As a trailblazing midwife, there was no complex maternity issue she could not handle. She did not just deliver babies, but she also advocated for better Pre- and Post-natal care for mothers. She helped multiple women to motherhood ant this earned her the famous name- Auntie Midwife.

HER FAITH - As a devoted and staunch catholic, Christiana never missed Sunday Mass. She took an active role in serving the church - Saint Peter's Cathedral Church, Roman Hill in Kumasi, through engagement in various church activities - ushering during mass and women Catholic societies. She did not only she serve the church community, but she also sponsored several Catholic Priests to Priesthood. She also supported their ministry. As we look around us, it is not surprising that there are a number of priests giving her a befitting send off.

HER NEW BEGINNINGS - This chapter delves into the complexities of success and sacrifices, interplay between ambition and life demands. As Christiana's church activities and community services increased, her career also soared to new heights. The demanding nature of running a busy maternity home started to take a toll on her marriage. Eventually, the delicate balance between marriage and professional life became a challenging tightrope walk, which caused her marriage to end. Christiana took complete responsibility to care and provide for her children. Driven by the hope of creating opportunities and a brighter future for her children, Christiana made a life altering decision. She migrated to the United States of America (USA) in 1992. It was a big challenge leaving her children in Ghana (a tough choice), familiar landscapes, culture and lifestyle. Yet, Christiana's vision was bigger than her and she embraced the challenge. She got a job as a Living-in Care Assistant, worked hard to support her clinic and children back home.

IN THE UK – After two (2) years in the USA, Christiana decided to move to the United Kingdom (UK) where she believed she could transition seamlessly into the UK Midwifery system. As she prepared to undertake the UK Midwifery Adaptation course, she joined the Streatham Clinic, Leigham Court Road, London, as a Midwife Assistant. When she realized the transition was far from seamless and with the strong desire to have her children in the UK, Christiana took a new path. She went into the Children Foster Care System. She joined the Urban Rubicon Care Company, where she worked diligently for three years. Christiana loved the children under her care and cared for them as if they were her own children. Her devotion to the children helped them thrive in that home.

During this period, Maa Christie’s sole focus was to have her children to the UK. She worked diligently on that and by 1997, Auntie Christie had her children with her under the same roof. She experienced great joy and as a devoted mother her children's well-being, education, social and spiritual lives became her priority.
HER RELATIONSHIP WITH KING'S – Driven by a deep-seated passion for healing and helping the sick, Christiana found solace and purpose in returning to the roots of her career. In 1998, Christiana joined the King's College Hospital NHS, Camberwell London at the William Gillard Ward, where she worked until she retired in 2017. This marked a profound reconnection with the core values that initially ignited her journey in healthcare. She loved and enjoyed working at this hospital and made a name for herself, there too. She ensured African mothers (especially Ghanaians) delivered their babies feeling cared for and comfortable. The staff members adored her, and they loved "Mama Christie's shito" (fried pepper and fish sauce).
Sadly, after battling with heart issues, this was the same hospital she spent her last weeks before she was called to glory. The unexpected call shocked her community.

HER CHURCH & SOCIETIES - In testament to her diverse passions and armed with empathy and desire to make a difference, Christiana embarked on a path dedicated to social impact. She was a founding member of or founded Christian church societies both in Ghana and the UK. These engagements extend her impact beyond the hospital walls. She created an enduring legacy of faith and community service.
When she moved to reside in Camberwell Green, she joined the Sacred Heart Catholic Church and played an active role in the church activities and fostered the growth of the African community in the church.
Her love for the church and strong desire to make mass service enjoyable, she helped established and became the Patron of the Ave Maria Ghanaian Choir. Today, they join the angels in heaven and sing in honor. She was also one of the active founding members of the Ghanaian Catholic community Association of Sacred Heart, Camberwell.

St. Theresah of the ChiId Jesus was Christiana's patron saint and she lived and embodied her words - "Service to God and Mankind". This made her she teamed up with other minded women to establish the St. Theresah society in Kumasi, Ghana. She brought the idea to London and founded the Camberwell branch and played an active role in running the society. She later went on to open several branches with senior members of the society. She was awarded a senior position in Ghana in 2019.
Sister Christiana was also an active member of the Noble Order of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall Court 1- Kumasi, where she captained the Court until she moved to the UK. In the UK, she was a founding member of the UK Knights and Ladies of Marshall, which later became Court 57. As their Most Respected Past Noble Lady, she presided as a Noble Lady from 2001-2003 with grace and determination. Her leadership style reflected a blend of compassion, vision, and a steadfast commitment that led to membership growth.
The story of St. Bernadette was dear to her, so she joined the St. Bernadette society in Kumasi Roman Catholic Church.

SHE LIVED WELL - Auntie Christie's personal life was modest, filled with joy, challenges and profound moments. A mosaic of amazing experiences. From family bonds through gatherings, cherished celebrations of personal milestones, and the intricacies of great relationships shaped the canvas of her life. intimate perspective of a woman who navigated the delicate dance between personal fulfillment and societal contributions.

Christiana was very prayerful (loved her rosary) and spiritually inclined. It is therefore a given that she went on religious pilgrimages to express her faith, seek spiritual growth and fulfill her religious obligations. She traveled with groups to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal and St. Bernadette of Lourdes, France. She also visited the Vatican City, Rome. She loved and talked about these trips to everyone.

THE FINAL CHAPTER - Despite her myriad achievements, resilience and physical energy, it was disheartening that illness cast a shadow over Auntie Christie's life. The profound impact of illness on her journey highlights the fragility of life and the heroic spirit that characterized her until the end.

Christiana’s life, marked by both triumphs and tribulations, serves as a reminder of the short-lived nature of existence. Her legacy lives on through her children, the corridors of healthcare, the communities she uplifted, societies she helped established and the indelible mark she left on the hearts of those who knew her and shared her journey. In the fabric of her life, woven with threads of dedication and compassion, Auntie Christie's memory endures as an inspiration and testimonial one person can have on the world.
Her story, though concluded, remains an enduring narrative of passion, strength, sacrifice, service to God and mankind. Auntie Christie will always be remembered for many great reasons.

THE VOID - In the quiet moments that followed, Christiana's absence leaves a very big void. Echoes of her mothering nature, kindness, leadership and unwavering spirit will be deeply missed. Yet, her presence will forever linger and in our hearts. As we bid farewell to a remarkable soul, an amazing woman, a loving and devoted mother/grandmother, sister and friend, we carry forward what she has taught us, and the inspiration drawn from a life well-lived. She indeed did a lot of amazing things and completed her duties exceptionally well. God’s timing is the best.
Christiana, fare thee well. Adwoa Konadu, dayie, Awurade nfa wo kraa nsie yie, Awurade omawo asomdwee wo asamando!

Maa Christie may God grant you eternal rest and let his perpetual light shine on you. Until we meet again, rest well.

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