Stanley John King (21 Jul 1949 - 1 May 2014)

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Exeter & Devon Crematorium, St Paul's Chapel Topsham Road Exeter EX2 6EU
22nd May 2014

In loving memory of the late Stanley John King who sadly passed away on 1st May 2014

Karen Coles lit a candle
Tracey Jane king wrote

To Dad, words can not describe how devastated I am on hearing of your passing, the pain I feel is indescribable. In my younger years due to no fault of your own I never grew up with you, i never held any bad feeling against you for that as circumstances in life are beyond our control. When i was young i always wanted to meet you Dad it was a yearning inside me that was so very strong you were a missing part of my life and i needed to meet you. So on the 30/07/02 I wrote a letter to social services asking them if they could help me find you, and on the the 14/08/02 I had a letter from them to tell me you had been found and wanted them to give me your address and phone number, dad I can't tell how it made me feel I was truly the happiest daughter ever! It didn't take me long, that night I phoned you and we had a lovely conversation it was amazing, we ended the call by arranging for us to meet that weekend I was so excited and on the 17/08/02 we met for the very first time it was a very special and emotional moment in my life dad I was so overwhelmed we couldn't stop hugging each other I was so happy to have my dad with me. Things were really good between us we saw each other often, I no I probably made you come up to much but I just wanted you with me, when you had to leave it was devastating I found it so hard to control my emotions. You was so happy to be a grandad you loved your four grand children we all spent many happy memories together, we all went to butlins and had a great time and I even got you on a plane to go on holiday. I loved coming down to Exeter and spending many weekends with you, you made me laugh so much dad we were so at ease together you made me feel loved. I feel so sad dad that we lost contact a few years ago due to a fallout while on our last holiday together, we are so alike in many ways both anxious people and I think going away somehow caused stress for both of us. I was so scared of rejection dad that's why I didn't make contact again but I always loved you, meeting again after all those years was very traumatic and I didn't realise at the time how difficult it must have been for you too. I never ever felt angry towards you, when you knew I had been in touch you made every effort to meet me and put things right, but in my eyes you didn't need to put anything right I just needed you to be you. I have many wonderful letters that you wrote me dad and I no you missed your children me, Ellie and Jason and felt so bad about the past. You took the time to try and explain your side and for that I will always be grateful for because I no you was a genuine person, you showed remorse for the past. I wish I had contacted you again dad I will regret that everyday for the rest of my life I would give anything to tell you I'm sorry and how much I love you. I was so proud to have you as my dad you were kind, loving and very funny! Your grandchildren remember lots of funny moments with you and in this time of grief dad we are sharing them together. I am so happy that I have many great memories of us all together but I wish I had been there for you I really do. Thank you so much dad for being a dad to me and meeting me and taking that chance it truly meant the world. I will hold you close in my heart forever dad. You were perfect any daughter would have been so proud to have you as there dad as I was. I will miss you always, sleep tight dad, I love you so much your loving daughter Tracey xxxxxxx

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