Jim Turley (7 Nov 1936 - 6 Jan 2023)

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St Peter's Church, Taunton

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St Peter's Church, Lyngford Eastwick Road Taunton TA2 7HD
26th Jan 2023
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In loving memory of Jim Turley who sadly passed away on 6th January 2023.

A gentle soul born in 1936. He lived for his family and lived to make people smile and feel joy. He was funny and loved a good joke. He had a twinkle in his eye that was there until the very end.

He loved his colourful shirts, his family, his church and God.

Now singing and dancing with the angels.

He is resting peace after rising in the glory of God to be with his Heavenly Father and his glorious Saviour.

Until we meet again.

Love you daddy darling.

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Kim & Saffie Collier wrote

Thinking of you Debbi, we only knew Grandad through Lewis & Teddy on twitter, he gave joy to many, I loved his wonderful shirts. Rest in peace dear Grandad. Take care Debbi x

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Geoff Trigg wrote

Thinking of you Debbi. Your dad was a lovely gentle man.

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Gillian Maude wrote

Dearest Debbi, I have wonderful memories of Jim❤️ Brilliant north east humour, a sunshine personality, spreading love and kindness everywhere he went. Sending you our love and prayers xx Gillian and David xx

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