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Westhope Green Burial Ground


Craven Arms

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About Us

Set against the backdrop of the Shropshire Hills in Craven Arms, Westhope Green Burial Grounds is an idyllic natural burial ground. This green funeral space is situated in an apple orchard, which is grazed by a rare breed of sheep. The beautiful meadowland burial site is filled with snowdrops, daffodils and apple blossom in spring. This established natural burial ground was opened in 1997, and offers natural burial plots, combined burial and ashes plots and space for the interment of ashes. There also are designated areas of the grounds where ashes can be scattered.

Westhope Green Burial Grounds has its own pretty chapel which can be used for funeral services or as space for contemplation when you visit.

Eco friendly coffins, urns and shrouds must be used at green funerals held here. Families can participate in the burial by helping to dig and backfill the grave. Graves can be marked by timber plaques or a stone tablet.

Car parking is available on-site. Make an appointment if you would like to be guided around the premises

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