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Sheepdrove Burial Wood


Lambourn Downs
RG17 7UU

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About Us

Sheepdrove Burial Wood is a woodland burial site situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Lambourn Downs, Berkshire. Offering a serene environment in the middle of rural wilderness, it is an ideal choice for someone who wants an eco friendly or green funeral.

The natural burial wood sits within a 2500 acre organic farm which supports a variety of crops, livestock, birds and wildlife including barn owls, bats and rare butterflies. It is also home to numerous species of native trees, plants and wildflowers such as daisies, cowslips and scabious which adds to its natural richness and charm.

The site is open to both natural burials or cremations, and ashes can be scattered among the flowers and trees. Only environmentally-friendly materials such as cotton, wool, wicker and cardboard can be used for coffins or shrouds.

Open to members of all faiths, the site is open all year around. If the bereaved family wishes to hold a memorial service or celebration with catering, the Eco-Conference Centre (accommodating up to 150 guests) at the premises can be reserved. The farm can also provide accommodation if needed.

Owing to its proximity to M4, Sheepdrove Burial Wood is easily accessible from London, Bristol, Reading, Oxford and Swindon. Visitors can make the most of their visit by taking a peaceful stroll to enjoy stunning views overlooking the meadow or walk along the numerous pathways to enjoy the quiet but breathtaking beauty of this natural burial ground.

The team at Sheepdrove Burial Wood are at hand to provide support and help during a difficult time. Make an appointment to get a guided tour of the premises or to discuss arrangements with the staff.

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