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Norton Disney Big Wood Natural Burial Ground


Norton Disney

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About Us

The woodland burial site at Norton Big Wood caters to bereaved families in the local area in Norton Disney, Lincolnshire. The calming and peaceful woodland area is home to many species of flora and fauna, and is the ideal location for a green funeral for a nature lover.

Natural burials take place amidst the mature oak trees in area surrounded by native birch, ash and pine trees. There are dedicated sections of the site dedicated to the burial of cremation remains, as well as the scattering of ashes.

The site is open to members of different faiths and beliefs. Families are free to have the service led by a funeral director or organise part or all of the funeral. However coffins, caskets and shrouds need to be made of natural and biodegradable materials. Memorial options include benches, trees and bird boxes.

Car parking is available at the premises. Make an appointment for a guided tour of the woodlands and to have any questions answered.

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