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Michael's Wood Burial Ground



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About Us

Offering a peaceful setting for a green burial, Michael’s Wood Burial Ground sits within Cholderton Estate, an organic farm in Wiltshire. The woodland burial site has a diversity of trees such as hazel, yew, horse chestnut, plants, wildflowers and wildlife including deer, hares and many species of birds and insects. The site is dedicated to wildlife conservation, and many parts of the site are left to grow naturally.

The family-owned woodland burial site offer burial plots, ashes burial plots and also allow ashes to be scattered within its premises. Graves sit in the midst of native trees and local woodland flowers, providing a sense of tranquility. The Wiltshire green burial site also offers pet burials and the burial of pet cremated remains. Eco friendly shrouds and coffins made of materials such as cotton, cardboard, wicker or reed must be used for both human and pet burials.

Michael’s Wood encourages families to have a unique and memorable green funeral in line with the bereaved family’s wishes, whether this is an intimate affair or a larger service celebrating the life of the person who has died. Those who would like a religious service can have burial plots blessed by a celebrant of their choice. Graveside ceremonies can be arranged and families can get help with setting up a gazebo and chairs if required.

Families can choose to erect a wooden plaque or cross or an engraved Portland stone as a grave marker. An indigenous tree, bulb, wild flower or plant can be planted to honour the deceased’s memory, and this also helps to enrich the environment.

For a tour around the premises or to discuss funeral arrangements please call to make an appointment.

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