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Longholt Wood



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Longholt Wood Natural Burial ground is a woodland burial site in the peaceful village of Nocton in rural Lincolnshire. The site is split into two regions, one of which is an ancient woodland area which has allowed to grow into a natural habitat for local wildlife. The other is an open meadow which has been planted with over 5000 trees, supporting natural burials. The site offers natural burial plots, ashes plots and also allows the interment of ashes.

Longholt Woods are happy to support families of all backgrounds and beliefs. In keeping with the natural ethos of the site, use of embalming fluids are not allowed and all caskets, shrouds and coffins used must be made of natural materials such as wicker, bamboo or cardboard.

Families can mark the grave with a simple wooden plaque or a local memorial tree. Flowers can be planted or placed at the graveside provided that no artificial material or plastic is included. The natural burial grounds are open to the public at any time, but please contact a member of the staff if you have questions or would like to be shown around the premises.

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