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Boduan Sanctuary Wood


LL53 5PN

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About Us

Boduan Sanctuary Wood is a serene woodland and green burial site in Pwllheli, Gwynedd. ThIs beautiful woodland is a mixed area of indigenous trees, ferns, wildflowers and shrubs, home to birds, insects and animal life.

A green funeral in Pwllheli includes use of a hand-drawn wooden coffin cart, or bier, and the planting of a tree to mark the grave. This woodland burial ground has separate areas for those who would like to have their ashes buried or scattered. Pet burials can also be arranged in an individual plot, or in their owner’s grave.

You can purchase a plot in advance with their ‘Pay Now, Die Later’ scheme which allows people to pay for their plot over years in installments.

The team at Boduan Sanctuary Wood can help families to prepare and restore the grave after the funeral.

The site is open to any sort of religious or non-religious funeral. Previously conducted funeral rites at Boduan Sanctuary Wood include Catholic/Protestant, Humanist, Pagan, Buddhist and Baha'i.

All materials used for burial need to be biodegradable, including clothing, coffins and caskets. Acceptable natural materials include, cardboard, seagrass, wicker, plain wood, or shrouds made from wool, felt, cotton or other natural material.

Fresh flowers can be placed on the grave, but these should be free from artificial wrappings and trimmings. Native wildflowers, such as bluebells, which have been purchased from the site’s wildflower nursery can be planted on the grave. Memorial stones made of engraved slate can be bought from the site and be placed on the grave.

On site facilities include a car park and a basic compost toilet. For more information, to discuss costs or to book a plot, please contact the team who are at hand to answer any questions about arranging a green funeral.

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