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Arnos Vale



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Spread across five acres, Arnos Vale natural burial site, is an extension of beautiful Arnos Vale cemetery, which dates back to Victorian times. The green burial site was originally an orchard, which was allowed to grow naturally into a habitat supporting diverse species of plants, shrubs, trees, and bird and animal life.

Natural burial plots can be purchased in advance, but this does not secure a spot in a particular area. Environmentally friendly shrouds and coffins must be used for all natural burials - choose from cardboard, wood, wool, willow, bamboo or seagrass.

The site also supports the interment of ashes on the slopes of the woodland, but eco friendly materials must be used (cardboard, woven materials such as wool, bamboo and willow) for caskets. Open to all faiths and beliefs, a consecrated grave may be available but you need to check the Cemetery Services Coordinator regarding availability.

Arnos Vale is happy to recommend local funeral directors who can help families coordinate the funeral if required.

An informal and simple service can be held at the green burial ground’s Underwood Centre, an outdoor seating area in the midst of the woodland trees, which can seat up to 50 people. Alternatively, a larger ceremony or wake can be organised at the Anglican Chapel (seats up to 100) or the Spielman Centre (seats up to 70). If you would like to organise catering, the Cemetery Service Coordinator can put you in touch with caterers who are happy to make arrangements for intimate groups or large gatherings.

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