Alex Buchan & Son

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1-9 Denmark St
AB43 9HB

About Us

Alex Buchan & Son is a funeral director in Aberdeenshire.

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1-9 Denmark St
AB43 9HB

  • Moray Crematorium

    Moray, AB56 5HQ

  • Aberdeen Crematorium

    Aberdeen, AB15 8PT

  • Fraserburgh Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8TL

  • Cairnbulg Churchyard

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8TQ

  • Peathill Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 7HE

  • Rathen Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8UL

  • Tyrie Churchyard

    Fraserburgh, AB43 7DL

  • Lonmay Parish Churchyard

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8XP

  • Lonmay Churchyard

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8SL

  • Lonmay Parish Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8SL

  • Crimond Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 8QN

  • New Aberdour Churchyard

    Fraserburgh, AB43 6LH

  • Strichen Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB34 6TA

  • Rattray Churchyard

    Peterhead, AB42 3HA

  • New Pitsligo St Johns Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 6LR

  • Turlundie Cemetery

    Fraserburgh, AB43 6NP

  • St Congan Churchyard

    Fraserburgh, AB43 6NP


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