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Huntingdon Crematorium


Stapley Road
Huntingdon Cemetery and Crematorium
PE28 2NX

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About Us

Huntingdon Crematorium is one of the first in Britain to offer an environmentally friendly service, with two electric cremators which can operate at a carbon-neutral level.

The chapel at Huntingdon Crematorium can seat 100 people downstairs, with another 20 seats available on a balcony and standing space for a further 100. During the ceremony, music is available through a modern Obitus system, which allows you to choose any song or piece of music you wish. The screens in the chapel and waiting room can be used to display photo and video tributes, and a webcam is available to livestream or record the funeral service.

As an environmentally friendly crematorium, Huntingdon has been built from the ground up with energy-efficiency and eco-awareness in mind. From the specially formulated soil used throughout the grounds, an electric rather than gas cremator, the on-site nursery reclaiming heat from the cremator, to the plants grown and used within the estate, it is a truly holistic approach to the environment.

The memorial gardens at Huntingdon Crematorium are still in their infancy - they will be landscaped with footpaths and herbaceous plants and borders. A memorial niche wall will be installed to allow two sets of cremated remains to be placed together behind a plaque.

Huntingdon Crematorium is open from 9am until 4:30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am until 4pm on Fridays.

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